Hillary Clinton Appears As Giant Talking Head After Shattering Glass “Ceiling” To Wrap DNC Day 2

Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton appeared at the end of tonight’s DNC, via satellite, capping a “glass ceiling shattering” ceremony.

At the end of a long set, Alicia Keyes pounded on a drum and delivered a message about love always prevailing, which did not necessarily make for the best segue to images of all of the country 44 – male – POTUS’s appearing, one by one, on screen, particularly when Nixon’s image popped up, though others were head scratchers too on the “love” front.

Big applause for the final image, Obama, after which the screen appeared to shatter into many pieces of glass,  and Clinton appeared as a giant talking head — like that iconic mid-80’s Apple Mac ad. You know the one.

“Hello Philadelphia. I am so happy it’s been a great day and night. And, what an incredible honor you have given me,” said Clinton, who was officially made the party’s nominee in a roll call vote, followed by a voice vote.  I can’t believe we just put the biggest crack in that glass ceiling yet,” Clinton said.

“This is your victory….And, if there are any little girls out there who stayed up late to watch, let me just say, I may become the first woman President, but one of you is next.”

Donald Trump, with his fog-machineed rock-star entrance on Monday, and his Trump Chopper Drop on Wednesday of last week’s RNC definitely wins the trophy for most over-the-top  entrances so far at this year’s political conventions. On the other hand, he had an advantage, what with him getting another crack at it every day of RNC Week. Hillary has made fewer appearances, but still has a chance to catch up when she appears in person to deliver her acceptance speech on Thursday.

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