Stephen Colbert Guest Anthony Weiner Demonstrates Why Politicians In Sexting Scandals Should Not Try Comedy

Anthony Weiner Stephen Colbert

Former New York congressman Anthony Weiner was among the guests for the first night of The Late Show’s live DNC coverage at which Hillary Clinton is expected to be anointed Dem nominee for POTUS. This made some sense because Weiner is married to Clinton’s longtime aide Huma Abedin.

Joining Colbert onstage, Weiner looked up at the cheap seats in the Ed Sullivan Theater and asked, “Where’s the forced-out-of-office-by-scandal [delegation]?” telling Colbert, “I thought I’d pierce the whole thing.” Weiner has the distinction of having been involved in not one but two sexting situations that derailed his political career.

“Good. What did you pierce it with?” Colbert shot back.

Steven Colbert DNC

By way of a stab at a searing retort, Weiner accused Colbert of being among those responsible for Donald Trump’s rise to GOP nominee, in Colbert’s capacity as member of the “mainstream media.” From this we can conclude Weiner otherwise was engaged in the green room during Colbert’s trippy opening song and dance, and also missed seeing the show’s earlier segment in which, disguised as Julius Flickerman and with pet weasel Caligula in tow, Colbert rushed the DNC stage — something we’re guessing Scott Pelley has never attempted, or even Chuck Todd.

Allison Janney also was a live guest on the first night of Late Show’s DNC coverage because, of course, she played C.J. Cregg on The West Wing all those years, and talk-show bookers assume she loves to talk politics. But, as Janney explained to Colbert, there is no character she has ever played who she is less like than C.J. And, she added, she is not watching the election because she can’t stand the level of discourse. On the bright side, she decided to make out with Colbert. So all was not lost.

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