Stephen Colbert Kicks Off ‘Late Show’ DNC Week With Trippy Song And Dance


Stephen Colbert’s live Late Show coverage of the Democratic National Convincing: Death. Taxes. Hillary, began with a psychedelic song-and-dance number, inspired by some particularly potent Philly cheese-steak he’d found on the street:

Welcome everyone

to the DNC,

a convention of sight, sound and Hillary.

You may have felt the Bern but now it’s time to learn

she is your destiny.

Let’s go the DNC

where they love diversity.

From trans organic farmers to

Muslims who eat brie.

See big celebrities,

Earth huggers groping trees.

Recumbent bikes and Subarus

owned by LGBT.

Colbert similarly had launched Late Show’s week of live RNC-related coverage with a song-and-dance number, except that one was much more Broadway-esque:

Colbert’s show will be live through the end of DNC, on Thursday.

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