John Oliver Roasts Donald Trump’s RNC As Controversy Roils DNC Opening

As the Dem National Convention got underway in Philly with Bernie Sanders supporters in an uproar over leaked DNC emails, John Oliver’s HBO show looked at “What the f**k just happened” at the RNC in Cleveland.

The “mismanaged shit show” included would-be First Lady Melania Trump’s plagiarized speech, Ted Cruz getting booed off stage when he declined to endorse the party’s nominee, and a speech by one of Trump’s birther-movement followers Antonio Satabo Jr., who explained afterward he believes President Obama is not Christian and,  “I have a right to believe that.”

The apex of this “four day exercise in feelings over facts” was Trump’s acceptance speech – a “symphony of bile and race baiting” –  in which the candidate delivered the message of every strongman ever: “The world is dangerous and only I can make you safe.”

To that point, Oliver noted Trump’s tweet revealing his main takeaway from that speech:

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