John Oliver Roasts Donald Trump’s RNC As Controversy Roils DNC Opening

Photo: HBO

As the Dem National Convention got underway in Philly with Bernie Sanders supporters in an uproar over leaked DNC emails, John Oliver’s HBO show looked at “What the f**k just happened” at the RNC in Cleveland.

The “mismanaged shit show” included would-be First Lady Melania Trump’s plagiarized speech, Ted Cruz getting booed off stage when he declined to endorse the party’s nominee, and a speech by one of Trump’s birther-movement followers Antonio Satabo Jr., who explained afterward he believes President Obama is not Christian and,  “I have a right to believe that.”

The apex of this “four day exercise in feelings over facts” was Trump’s acceptance speech – a “symphony of bile and race baiting” –  in which the candidate delivered the message of every strongman ever: “The world is dangerous and only I can make you safe.”

To that point, Oliver noted Trump’s tweet revealing his main takeaway from that speech:

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