Dominic Purcell Reflects On His Injury During ‘Prison Break’ Shoot – Comic-Con


Dominic Purcell, who was injured on the set of Prison Break during production in Morocco, spoke about the accident at today’s Comic-Con panel, specifically giving thanks to those who helped him make a speedy, two-week recovery.

Prison Break Comic-Con
Dominic Patten/Deadline

“I want to thank my girlfriend AnnaLynne McCord for being there when it happened. She flew in. She was there to calme me. And (I want to thank) Wentworth of course, his continued support, making sure that things were taken of, as well as the producers and Fox for really looking after me, changing the schedule and letting me take a break.”

Added fellow Prison Break actor Wentworth Miller on the accident, “It was upsetting, the man is my brother in every way, and it’s a testament to his fortitude, that he was back at work in a short amount of time.”

In early June, Purcell suffered a broken nose and head injury when a set piece was dislodged and an iron bar fell on his head. Twelve days later, Purcell sported two deep gashes on the top of his head, the larger of which required 150 stitches. He also received 20 stitches on his left elbow, stitches for his broken nose and near his left eyebrow and had minor cuts on his arms that are healing. However, he recovered rapidly during a two week period, resurfacing in public on June 11, and returning to work on June 13. The scene that Purcell was shooting entailed him running into a prison to look for his brother (Wentworth Miller) while the guards were running out.

To date, Fox hasn’t shot any new episodes for the nine-episode revival of Prison Break, but they shot the pilot and the network showed off a scene today.

In the scene, which Fox will not be releasing just yet, we see Michael Scofield (Miller), who is now part of a government organization, and he’s about to spring a prison break in Yemen. But as he plots this with the prisoner next to him, the latter reveals that he’s set to get 20 years because he’s a homosexual. Scofield asks for a piece of gum, and cryptically tells the prisoner, “This piece of gum will start a sequence of events that will finish on the other side of the world,”

Scofield is plotting to get home to his wife and the son he never met. However, once he returns, will they still recognize him? Will his wife, still love him.

To date, Fox hasn’t shot any new episodes for Prison Break yet; shooting for the limited series will resume another month.

Deadline caught up with Purcell back in June, when he made his first public appearance following the accident. He said the next season of Prison Break, “is tying into what’s going on in the world today with terrorism. The show is taking place in Yemen; we’re dealing with ISIS and ISA, and obviously we left off with Michael presumably dead. He wasn’t, he ended up working for this organization. It got to the point where he couldn’t do it anymore, and they threw him in a jail in Yemen to change his mind. He didn’t change his mind, they set him up…Paul Scheuring has written all of the nine episodes.”

Robert Knepper who plays T-Bag was mum at today’s sesh about whether his serial killer side will unveil itself again; essentially he’s a mature man.

Purcell was a double dipper at Comic-Con this year, appearing yesterday at the CW/WBTV panel for Legends of Tomorrow, on which he plays Mick Rory. The actor is now a semi-regular on the show. Ditto for Miller who plays Captain Cold.

Below is the trailer for the next season of Prison Break. 

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