‘24: Legacy’ EP Says “Intersection” With Original Characters Could Happen “Down The Line” – Comic-Con

“It is not a reboot, it is an expansion of the 24 universe; Jack and Chloe are still out there,” 24: Legacy EP Manny Coto said today at the second-to-last presentation in Hall H for Comic-Con 2016. “You never know when those worlds will intersect,” he added, keeping the flame lit that EP Kiefer Sutherland might make an on-screen appearance. “There may be an intersection with those other characters down the line,” said EP Evan Katz.

Offering no details about Sutherland or Mary Lynn Rajskub joining Legacy, EP Howard Gordon and the other EPs also said that they hoped to finish the Jack Bauer story one day “if the stars align.”

“We all felt, Kiefer included, that Jack Bauer had told his story in Live Another Day,” Gordon also said on the panel, “and that character was exhausted.” The Tyrant EP added, ‘Fortunately, Kiefer read the script after it was written and saw the pilot after it was shot and was all behind it and that was nice.”

Gordon, Coto and Katz were joined on the panel by lead Corey Hawkins, Homeland alum Miranda Otto, and former Sons of Anarchy actor Jimmy Smits. Comic-Con vet Sutherland was not in Hall H on Sunday.

With the story of the military team that killed a top terrorist as one narrative, 24: Legacy also will follow the presidential campaign of Sen. John Donovan (Smits). Adding a further twist, as the initial trailer revealed, the candidate’s wife is former CTU director Rebecca Ingra (Otto). Fans of the original series will remember that its Season 1 story followed a terrorist cell’s plot to assassinate White House hopeful David Palmer (Dennis Haysbert).

With a graphic that said in part, “the follow San Diego Comic-Con presentation takes place between 1:PM and 1:30 PM,” the panel started off with the previously released trailer.

The panel also showed another clip from the pilot of Hawkins character fighting off a murderous home invasion of the henchmen of the Osama bin Laden-like figure he helped killed in a military raid. The third clip shows Corey Hawkins character and old Army buddy fighting off a group of assassins on a construction site. Fox execs say the video won’t be released online because it includes music whose rights haven’t been cleared.

With the tagline “New Day. New Hero,” the time-crunching CTU “expansion” will debut February 5 in the primo post-Super Bowl spot, followed by another new episode on at 8 PM February 6. Snagging the Monday primetime slot that the original 24 held for its eight-season run, Legacy will air that night for the rest of its first season.

Sutherland, of course, is back on Big 4 TV this fall with ABC’s political drama Designated Survivor. The show had a preview screening plus a marketing presence both on the convention floor and on the side of nearby Petco Park, but no formal SDCC panel and no Sutherland in attendance – at least not this year, as Comic-Con 2016 has run out of time.

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