‘Star Trek Beyond’ $30M Debut; ‘Lights Out’ $8.5M; Jackie Chan’s ‘Skiptrace’ Nails $64M Bow – Int’l Box Office Final


UPDATED, Monday, 1:56 PM: International weekend grosses for two of the three openers came in higher than expected — in one case over $20M higher than anticipated as the Jackie Chan action comedy Skiptrace opened in China to a big $62.2M and gives Chan a new record in China (see related story). In seven markets, its international total after one weekend in play is now $64M.

Lights Out, the horror film that opened to strong numbers stateside, also ended up a smidgen higher with $8.5M. No changes for Star Trek Beyond‘s international debut of $30M, which will be facing stiff competition this coming weekend as Universal Pictures International unleashes another Jason Bourne staring Matt Damon and this year’s Academy Award winner Alicia Vikander.

The film is coming four years after The Bourne Legacy which had Jeremy Renner in place of Damon. The actioner opens day and day with the U.S. and in 46 territories, including Australia, Brazil, South Korea and the U.K. and Ireland and the studio is hoping that the reunion of Damon and director Paul Greengrass will prove a winning combo. The Bourne franchise, in one incarnation or another, has been around for 9 years.

Add to that a little counter-programming in Lionsgate’s female-driven comedy Bad Moms — also opening day and date in the U.S. The R-rated comedy may just find its audience the way The Hangover did abroad and that film’s’ writer/directors Jon Lucas and Scott Moore are also the power and creators of Bad Moms.

Also opening will be League of Gods, which is opening in China, the U.K., and Australia, to name a few. This home-grown Chinese film is expected to do well in the Middle Kingdom. Below are all updated final grosses, including for The BFG which took the No. 1 spot in the U.K. this weekend.

PREVIOUSLY 9:15 AM with Write-thru 1:00 PM: In conjunction with its domestic release, Paramount launched Star Trek Beyond in 37 markets, including in the U.K., Germany and Australia — territories where the franchise has traditionally performed extremely well but, surprisingly, lost out to Steven Spielberg’s The BFG in the U.K. Star Trek opened to $30M, 14% below its franchise predecessor. Lights Out, Warner Bros./New Line’s horror film opened to $8.5M after an impressive $21.6M domestic — on a $5M production budget.

Skiptrace, Jackie Chan’s action comedy directed by Renny Harlin, opened in China to No. 1 as it kicked Warner Bros.’ The Legend of Tarzan to No. 2. Ice Age: Collision Course made history this weekend as Fox’s franchise pushed over the $3B mark in box office receipts to become the top animated franchise ever, surpassing Shrek.

Jeffrey Katzenberg/DreamWorks’ animated Shrek bowed in 2001 and ran through 2010 theatrically; Fox and Blue Sky’s Ice Age began with its theatrical bow in 2002 and has run until 2016. I guess you could say that Ice Age cracked Shrek‘s nut. Collision Course is still No. 1 in 12 of its markets, having brought in another $30M this weekend. Gotta give kudos to Fox’s international marketing team as they put together a stellar promotional campaign for the film in overseas markets (see below).

Back to Star Trek. Historically, it’s interesting to note that J.J. Abrams’ 2009 Star Trek was the first of the series to gross $100M internationally, but, at the end of the day, the domestic take was greater $257.7M. When its sequel Star Trek Into the Darkness was released in 2013 it had the benefit of the first one establishing a newly booted franchise overseas and international offices embraced the film. With Into Darkness, international box office then overtook domestic as the film flew in with a $238.6M overseas take compared to its $228.7M stateside. The third so far is lagging behind Into Darkness both domestically and internationally. Let’s take a look at all the new openers and the holdovers:


star trek beyond

With $59.6M domestically, Paramount Pictures’ latest installment of Star Trek pulled in $30M in its 37 markets — or 45% of its international imprint — and grabbed No. 1 in roughly half of them (16) for a global debut of $89.6M. In comparison, Star Trek Into Darkness bowed in 2013 to $70.1M domestically and $31.7M internationally (for $101.8M). (Beyond made 59.6M in this weekend’s domestic debut).

Internationally, the release pattern was different in terms of markets in release for Into Darkness, however. In the U.K., where the performance of the franchise has been consistently solid, it was edged out this weekend by Steven Spielberg’s family film The BFG (see below).

Paramount said that the heatwave in Europe negatively impacted the weekend’s box office results for the film which was 35% above the first Star Trek, Star Trek Beyond is 14% below Into Darkness and only 2% below Pacific Rim.

Into Darkness ended its international run with $238M. Star Trek Beyond is said to carry a production budget over $185M (not including distribution and marketing costs of over $100M globally) so if it plays across the board 14% less than the last installment, Beyond would then make a projected $204.68M internationally. You can see where we’re going here.

The all-important China bow doesn’t come for Beyond until Sept. 2. Into Darkness bowed in China with $25.8M before leaving its run at $57M and change. The film also still has to bow in France and Korea (Aug. 18), Spain (Aug. 19), Brazil (Sept. 1), Mexico (Sept. 2), Turkey, Japan (Oct. 21), and throughout Latin America.

Globally, Imax accounted $11.6 mil (on 571 screens) and the picture’s debut set an Imax franchise overseas record without the benefit of China (as we said, it doesn’t arrive there until Sept. 2) or other international territories. Led by very strong results in the U.K. and Russia, Beyond grossed an estimated weekend of $3.2 mil on 184 screens besting Star Trek Into Darkness‘ $2.8M debut.

Some more good news is that the opening is the highest-ever weekend for the franchise in 17 markets, including Russia Taiwan and Thailand.

Looking at key markets in the rollout, the U.K. opened to No. 2 behind The BFG this weekend with $6.1M at 535 locales, which is 37% below the last installment (Into Darkness) and 15% below Star Trek. In Germany, Russia and Australia, it opened to No. 1. Specifically, in Germany it nabbed $4.5M from 558 runs, which means it scored 31% above Star Trek but 29% below Into the Darkness. In Russia, it took in a strong $3.3M at 1,200 cinemas which catapulted it a big 240% above the first Star Trek and 13% above Into Darkness. And in Australia, it grossed $3M in 261 runs which marked 24% Into Darkness and 15% down from Star Trek‘s opening.

In Taiwan, it took No. 1 and grossed $1M at 79 locales which took it 143% above Star Trek and 63% above Into Darkness. Similarly, its No. 1 debut in Thailand ($912K at 64 cinemas) was 76% above Star Trek and 88% above Into Darkness. The Philippines opened at No. 2 ($766K at 162), only 2% above Into Darkness but 92% above the first Star Trek.

lights out
Warner Bros.

With a strong performance stateside, this horror film debuted this weekend in the key markets of Russia and Australia along with 30 smaller Eastern European and Asian markets and it paid off big time. With a solid $8.5M cume from 3,737 runs, this one clearly benefited being released on the heels of James Wan’s big global box office success The Conjuring 2. The film, which marks the feature helming debut of David F. Sandberg, carried the Wan name (if only in producing capacity) and the studio was able to build a nice marketing campaign on that.

In Russia, the horror flick opened to $1.7M on 973 screens and beat out all comps to come in actually higher than the first Conjuring and 94% above Conjuring 2. And in Australia, the fright-fest debuted with $846K on 170 screens. While the studio did not give comps on Conjuring 2 when it opened Down Under in mid-June, we looked them up — Conjuring 2 opened to $3M on 205 screens — a 72% difference. The studio, however, stated that was ahead of most comps there including Poltergeist ($756K), The Devil Inside ($738K), Carrie ($662K) and Insidious ($365K).

Talent Intl

Even Tarzan could not hold back the beloved Jackie Chan and Fan Bingbing in China this weekend. His new movie Skiptrace, from director Renny Harlin and which also co-stars Johnny Knoxville, ended up kicking ass and kicking in an estimated $62.2M in the Middle Kingdom for a total international cume in seven countries of $64M. It sits atop the Chinese box office besting Warner Bros.’ three-day take for The Legend of Tarzan. The total budget for Skiptrace was said to be $60M for its producer Beijing Talent International Media Co., Ltd. Chan stars as a Hong Kong detective who has to team up with an American (Knoxville) to fight a Chinese bad guy.

The film enjoys two big draws for Chinese audiences — both Chan and Bingbing are beloved there. Chan is so popular in China that his last film Dragon Blade grossed $121.5M and comparable films such as Police Story and Chinese Zodiac 2012 grossed a whopping $87.3M and $139.6M, respectively, in China. The Chinese-HK production was originally scheduled for a Christmas release last year but was smartly moved to this summer. It will be distributed in the U.S. by Saban and Lionsgate via on demand and theatrical (see related story here).


legend of tarzan

The top-performing holdover right now is Warner Bros.’ The Legend of Tarzan which powered in another $45.4M over the weekend after opening in China, Brazil and Spain. In the Middle Kingdom, Tarzan swung in behind No. 1 performer Skiptrace in the country to bring in a 6-day gross of $27.3M. With that result, it outpaced the debut of the popular Japanese franchise Doreamon: Nobita and the Birth of Japan as well as local title Fish and Begonia (which is in its third weekend in play) as well as Cold War (also in its 3rd time at bat).

Playing in 17,745 screens in 61 markets, the international cume for Tarzan is now estimated at $146.3M with a global take of $262.2M.

Brazil opened to a big $3.4M on 855 screens and took the No. 1 spot in the country at a time when the territory is filled with family fare. It was the only big opener in the country this weekend. Spain, where the action film is playing on 493 screens, brought in another $1.8M in box office receipts where it is also No. 1 and ranking ahead of Now You See Me 2.

The film opens next in Germany on July 28, followed closely by Japan on the 30th. The Top Five key markets for this film (outside of China) is Mexico with an $11.9M cume, the U.K. with $10.6M, Russia with $8.2M and France which is good for $8.1M. Australia is not far behind with $7.8M.


In its fourth weekend in play, Ice Age: Collision Course grossed $29M in its 60 markets to bring in a total international cume to date of $177.7M. And it needs it. Stateside, the franchise is waning with a lackluster debut this weekend of only $21M. The global cume is basically at $200M ($199M). All in, this weekend, the grosses the film earned both stateside and abroad helped its studio pass Shrek as the global king of animated franchises as it pushed over $3 billion at the box office (see above). And it’s far from over as the animated family film still has another 17 markets yet to bow including China on August 23rd.

The latest — and fifth installment — of Fox’s animated franchise opened this weekend in South Korea to a No. 3 showing with $1.62M on 579 screens. In its second weekend in France, the film only dropped 35% and it remains No. 2 in the market for a total cume of $4M. The marketing there was intense. The movie enjoyed $14M in paid media and got around French law that no new footage/characters are allowed on TV by using old footage and then implementing that into spots with promotional partners.

In Russia, the film dropped 49% and also remains No. 2 in the market with a total cume of $2.78M. Germany saw even less of a drop, only 29% and is at No. 3 overall there as it added another $2.1M in receipts. In promotional partners there, Fox tapped 15 corporations with 18 brands which gave the studio an extra $17M in paid media to market Collision Course. Looks like it paid off. The market cume in Germany is now $16.4M.

Brazil, where Fox hooked up with promo partner McDonald’s (as it did across Latin America), Collision Course dropped only 25% and also took in another $2.4M. The market cume now sits at $16.26M.

With China coming on August 23 and a huge promotional and marketing push by Fox in the Middle Kingdom, Ice Age will continue to gather its coin. Speaking of which, Fox has about $57M in paid media from partners there alone. The top market for this county is Mexico where it has the advantage of having played for four weeks. It has grossed $21.3M there so far.

finding dory

The Disney/Pixar’s big fish is already playing in 80% of the overseas market and enjoyed no new openings this weekend. The weekend take in its 45 markets was $20.2M. Overall, this fish story’s international cume now sits at a whopping $322.4M for a global cume of $782.7M. The animated family film held the No. 1 spot for the second weekend in a row in Mexico where the market cume to date is now $19.1M. It also remains No. 1 in Japan ($19.9M cume) for two weekend running and its No. 1 in Hong Kong.

Brazil and Argentina posted small percentage drops with Brazil off only 27% and Argentina down 31%. Finding Dory is the highest-grossing Disney/Pixar Animation release in Brazil (with $28.7M), Central America, Peru, Colombia, Bolivia and Trinidad.

In New Zealand, Finding Dory nabbed another $4.8M to make it the highest-grossing Disney Animation or Pixar release of all time. It also is the No. 3 animated release there of all time only behind Shrek 2 and Shrek 3.

The biggest market for this Ellen DeGeneres, Albert Brooks-voiced film is China with $38.4M followed by Australia with $35M.

The BFG poster

Disney, Steven Spielberg, Walden Media’s family offering, The BFG had a rather large success this weekend as it edged out Star Trek Beyond from the No. 1 spot in the U.K. market where it is handled by eOne. The CGI film grabbed a total of $6.96M for the No. 1 spot. The film had a bigger debut in the U.K. than Paddington and it marks the best eOne opening for a non-sequel. It also marks the second biggest opening for a Dahl-adapted film in that country (only behind Charlie and the Chocolate Factory) and is also Spielberg’s third biggest opening ever in the U.K. only behind Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull and War of the Worlds.

It was distributed in other markets by Mister Smith Entertainment (EMEA).

From Disney, the film grossed $1.8M from its six territories for an international cume to date of $20.7M. With EMEA’s weekend tally of $11.1M and $18.1M to date, the total international cume to date is $39M on a weekend of $13M.

From Disney, it opened in one new market – Vietnam ($250K start). The family film also opened in France (distributed by Metropolitan), Benelux, Germany (distributed by Constantin), Austria, Scandinavia and Switzerland.

In France, the big guy wrangled $1.68 and in Germany it pulled in $913K. In Benelux, reported grossed are $875K (eOne handles) and in Austria $111K. Finally, in Scandinavia (Denmark and Sweden, specifically) it earned $245K while in Switzerland it grabbed $207K and that includes both German and French-speaking territories.

In its holdover markets, The BFG continues to play well. It only dropped 13% in New Zealand weekend-to-weekend and saw only a 41% decrease in Argentina. Its Top Three markets to date are Australia with $10M followed by the U.K. with $6.6M, then Russia with $5.7M.

EMEA next opens the film in Norway on Aug. 5 followed by the UAE before launching into Eastern Europe in September. Disney takes the film into South Korea on Aug. 11 and Mexico on Aug. 12 and will go into Japan on Sept. 17. Next year, on Jan. 1, it will take hold of Italy via EMEA.

Grossing a lesser than expected $11.6M (down from yesterday’s estimate of $12.2M) from 4,876 screens, Independence Day: Resurgence is playing in 67 markets and has an international cume to date of $259.6M. It took the No. 1 spot in France in its debut weekend (Star Trek Beyond has yet to release there) to bring in a total of $4.46M. It also bowed to No. 1 in its debut in Belgium where it grabbed $496K. In holdover markets such as Germany, the sci-fi reboot dropped about 51% in its second weekend in play to pull in another $2.8M for an overall $10.7M purse in the country. In Switzerland, it actually went up about 12% over its opening weekend (last week) as its French-speaking region saw the film for the first time. It has a $1M cume there so far.

The biggest market right now for Resurgence is in Japan where it is still No. 1 after three weekends in play. Adding in another $1.8M, the running cume stands at $20M for Fox.

now you see me 2

This Lionsgate sequel collected $11.27M this weekend from 80 markets to push its international cume to $221.5M. The John Chu-helmed thriller that stars Jesse Eisenberg and Woody Harrelson opened strong in Mexico raking in $3.6M — more than doubling the first’s debut in 2013. It was up 77% from the first. It took No. 2 in Mexico and in Spain where it also debuted with $1.2M only behind The Legend of Tarzan.

In South Korea, the film has cumed $19.7M after only two weeks in release to become the 13th highest-grossing movie of the year there. Of the key offshore markets, France and Belgium are the next stop on July 27, followed by Germany on Aug. 25 and then Japan on Sept. 3. The biggest territory for this one is China at $97.1M where it bowed five weeks ago, followed by South Korea and then Russia with a $16.3M tally. After seven weeks in release, Brazil and the U.K. have both cumed $7.6M.


With another $10.7M in its coffers, the female Ghostbusters are still playing well overseas on 3,910 screens. The Sony film had no big market openings but is still in theaters in the U.K., Australia and Brazil and in 54 markets. It has now rolled out to about 33% of its international footprint but still has many big territories to go. So far, it has cumed $36.2M to date.

With both The BFG and Star Trek Beyond bowing to No. 1 and No.  2, respectively, in the U.K., Ghostbusters dropped only 54% in the market. As Paramount also noted, the heatwave was blamed for a downturn in box office. It still managed $1.7M from 675 screens for a cume to date in the U.K. of $9.48M.

Likewise, in Australia, the Paul Feig-directed reboot held in its second weekend, dropping only 48% there to grab another $1.8M and dropped down one slot behind Star Trek Beyond to hold in the No. 2 position. The cume is now $6.5M after two weekends in play. In Brazil, where it is also in its sophomore frame, it also had an excellent hold dropping only 43% to bring in $1.1M from 520 locales and boosting its cume to $4.5M. Expect the grosses to climb as it will bow in Russia and Italy on the 28th of July followed by Germany (Aug. 4), France (Aug. 10), Mexico and Spain (Aug. 12), Japan (Aug. 19) and South Korea (Aug. 25).

The Secret Life of Pets
Illumination Universal

Illumination Entertainment and Universal Pictures’ The Secret Life of Pets enjoyed another strong international weekend, taking in another $10.1M in 14 territories (the animated favorite expanded into more Latin American markets) for a total of $63.2M. Combined with the domestic cume of $261M, Pets is barking up the money tree with $324.3M worldwide. The film, which has continued its dominance abroad in almost every territory opening, was No. 1 in its weekend bow in Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador and Paraguay.

In fact, Argentina had a record-breaking No. 1 debut with $4M at 195 dates — the biggest opening weekend ever for an animated film and the second biggest opening ever for any film (only behind Fast & Furious 7). Similarly, Chile opened with $1.7M at 60 dates, which marks the biggest opening weekend for an animated film there (behind Minions). Colombia opened No. 1 with a big $1.5M.

Of its holdover markets, the U.K. and Ireland is No. 5 and is keeping pace with Inside Out in the market — adding another $1.5M this weekend, its 31-day total is $37.7M. Pets still has another 52 markets to open in and will do so over the next few months, beginning next weekend with a big push into France, Germany, Austria, French and German-Switzerland, Mexico, Panama and Uruguay. China opens on Aug. 2.

New Line Cinema and Universal Pictures’ Central Intelligence spied another estimated $4.8M in 50 territories to raise its overseas gross to $72.4M this weekend. Combined with Warner Bros.’ estimated domestic cume of $123.2M, the worldwide total is now $195.6M. There were no new openings this weekend. The top holdover market is Australia which is in its fourth weekend of release with a 25-day total of $10.9M. The U.K. and Ireland has a 24-day total of $10.5M. Germany is next with $7.3M.

With eight more territories to release, next weekend will see the buddy action film open in Chile and Colombia with Argentina on deck for Aug. 14. Belgium, France and French-Switzerland will come next on Aug. 24, with Venezuela debuting two days later and then Brazil on Sept. 1.

Warner Bros Pictures

Released as counter-programming this summer, this Warner Bros. (New Line)/MGM drama continues to perform well in overseas markets. It’s now in its 8th weekend of release and was able to pulled in another $4.1M on 3,614 screen in its 49 markets. The tearjerker has a total international cume of $126.9M so far. The romancer is continuing to play throughout its market with the last key release on September 1 when it bows into Italian markets.

The top market for the film right now is Brazil with $16.6M followed by Germany with $14.5M and the U.K. with $13.6M. Next comes Mexico with an $11.4M cume and then Australia with $8.8M.

conjuring 2
WB/New Line

Scaring in another $3.6M in 54 markets, this James Wan (New Line) frightener from Warner Bros. has grossed an outstanding $208.7M overseas so far. The sequel to its 2013 predecessor is still playing on 1,875 screens. The first one grossed a total of $180.6M in international markets and the R-rated sequel performed as a sequel is supposed to. All in, Warner Bros./MGM is looking at a worldwide cume of $310.2M. The first one brought in a worldwide total of $310.3M.

The sequel’s top market is Mexico, which has grabbed $20.3M to date, followed by the U.K. with $15.3M.

purge election year

This horror film, which has an estimated worldwide cume of $89.4M, opened in five markets this weekend to bring its total market play to 29. The latest installment of the Blumhouse Productions and Platinum Dunes film’s weekend estimate is $3.7M for a tally of $12.7M. The domestic gross sits at $76.6M.

There was some good news this weekend for the film which opened in Egypt, France, Latvia, Panama and French-Switzerland. France opened No. 3 and grossed  $1.7M for the weekend, marking the biggest opening of The Purge franchise. Likewise, Egypt, Latvia, French-Switzerland and Panama all chalked up the biggest openings of all installments. The film releases in the rest of its territories over the next few months with most of the major markets still to come. Belgium, Italy and Russia open next weekend.

The Shallows Review
Columbia Pictures

Opening in Japan this weekend, the horror film grabbed $390K from 157 screens — on par with both 10 Cloverfield Lane and 127 Hours — to bring its total weekend tally across 17 markets to $1.8M for its distributor Sony. It’s playing on 1,700 screens right now. In Mexico, the genre film dropped 54% in its sophomore weekend to gross another $467K from 352 screens, upping its total cume in the country to $2.1M. Spain added $316K from 270 screens and South Korea scared in $395K from 268 locales (where it is also in its second weekend). The total to date in South Korea is $2.5M. This still has a number of big markets yet to release: Those include the U.K. (Aug. 12), France (Aug. 17), Australia (Aug. 18) and Brazil (Aug. 25). The Shallows international cume so far is $11.9M.

Paramount’s other franchise property, the sequel to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles grossed $1.4M from 20 markets this weekend. The international cume is now $154.1M. In China, where it is in its fourth weekend of play, it grossed $603K from 800 plays to elevate its cume to $59.1M. The green fellas still have yet to bow in Germany and Austria (Aug. 11) as well as Japan (Aug. 26).

Before the girls go Down Under on August 4, the comedy duo opened in its second territory outside of North America — in Holland with $416K on 109 screens — to an over four-times greater gross than the Inbetweeners Movie. All told, it’s pursed $1M over weekend for a to-date total of $20.2M.

The other market the Fox title is playing in is the U.K. (of course) where it is in is fourth weekend of release. Pocketing another $611K from moviegoers there this weekend, the comedy’s strong run has continued. In fact, with a $19.8M cume to date, its current total in the U.K. has easily surpassed that of The Other Woman ($15.5M) and is edging ever closer towards the lifetime of The Devil Wears Prada ($26.5M) there. The anything-goes duo also bowed stateside this weekend to a $1.86M ab fab box office in only 313 theaters for a nice $6,070 per screen. Its worldwide cume so far is $22M.

Mike and Dave NeedWeddingDates
20th Century Fox

Adding another $996K to the dowry, Fox’s comedy Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates now has an international cume of $9M with the majority of international runs yet to come. It’s currently playing in 20 markets on 828 screens, including in Australia where it’s in its third weekend of release. The cume there so far is $4.5M.

This comedy from Universal is still playing in 9 markets. All territories have been released for the Zac Efron, Seth Rogen sequel so its box office run is now coming to an end. It still managed to gross another $556K with $449 of that coming from France where it’s playing in 253 locales. The 19-day total in that country is $3M. So, the 411 on this film is that it now stands at $51.8M internationally, $55.2M domestic for a worldwide gross of $107M.

Legendary and Universal Pictures’ Warcraft has opened in all territories. Its weekend estimate is $287K in 43 territories for a Universal total of $164.8M. Combined with the estimated U.S. gross of $47.2M, Uni’s cume is $212M. The worldwide total including China’s total of $221M is $433M. All markets have been released on this picture so the film is coming to the end of its box office run.

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