Doctor Alchemy Unveiled In ‘The Flash’ Season 3 Trailer- Comic-Con


On the next season of The Flashget ready for a new nemesis, Doctor Alchemy, who is described to be an equal to Barry Allen (Grant Gustin).

The notorious chemist (voiced by Tobin Bell) who suffers from a personality disorder was unveiled today in a trailer for next season. Doctor Alchemy aka Mr. Element Albert Desmond applies his talents to creating elemental weapons. As Desmond, he works in the forsenics lab of Central City’s Police Department. Doctor Alchemy also possesses the Philosopher’s Stone which once belonged to Merlin. By pressing the stone it allows Doctor Alchemy to transmute any element into any other element (ie: Steel into rubber or healthy oxygen into deadly carbon monoxide). He also possesses the power to transform the human body, having once turned the Flash into a being of water vapor.

The Flash premieres October 4 on the CW.

Watch the Season 3 trailer above.

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