Virtual Reality Series On Its Way From Kevin Cornish And AMD — Comic-Con

EXCLUSIVE: Virtual reality technology company AMD has closed a deal with writer/director/producer Kevin Cornish to create a big-budget VR series called Remember: Remember which starts in the wake of an alien invasion and takes the audience back to their destroyed apartment for the first time where each item in the rubble triggers a different memory. The series explores the themes of memory through virtual reality via a series of flashbacks that centers around a love story.

Cornish’s last VR project was financed by MTV and AT&T premiered at Comic-Con yesterday, which is taking place now in San Diego. Cornish directed and produced two VR experiences that allowed fans to enter an interactive narrative that involves characters from MTV’s Teen Wolf. Cornish said the way the Teen Wolf VR experience works is that a viewer is in a scene with the characters and depending on which character the viewer engages with, the ending changes. The outcome is that the viewer can either live or die depending on who they listen to.

He worked on two music videos for Taylor Swift who had just won an Emmy for her 360 blank space experience and was interested in experimenting further with a 360 camera, which resulted in Cornish’s first work in this area. “We were really working to get cinematic quality with the lenses because 360 makes everything look very flat,” said Cornish. “You actually need that kind of quality that makes the viewer feel like they are actually in the scene with the actors.” He also worked on a project called Believe VR for AMD which utilized gaze-activated content so the scenes and dialogue change depending on which character the viewer is looking at.

He said he’s gotten inquiries to do VR work from a number of big brands in Corporate America as well as networks and studios, some of whom are exploring starting their own VR divisions.

Cornish is managed by Dan Farah, who is a producer on Steven Spielberg’s and Warner Bros.’ big-budget virtual reality-focused film, Ready Player One. Cornish and AMD plan to announce a distribution partner later for Remember: Remember.

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