‘Let Me Make You A Martyr’ Clip: Life Lessons From Marilyn Manson In Fantasia Fest Revenge Thriller

EXCLUSIVE: Marilyn Manson has been many things over his long career but in the revenge thriller Let Me Make You A Martyr from directors Corey Asraf & John Swab, he finally becomes a life coach. Just kidding, the shock rocker plays a contemplative hit man in the film that premieres tonight at Montreal’s Fantasia Fest. And in this exclusive clip, get a glimpse as Manson’s hit man offers up some creepy, yet sane wisdom on the subject of becoming what you focus on. Watch it above.

Narrated from inside a police interrogation room, Let Me Make You A Martyr follows Drew Glass (Niko Nicotera), a young man recently returned to his hometown after years away who crosses paths with his adoptive father, local crime boss Larry Glass (Mark Boone Junior) and reconnects with his adopted sister and love interest June Glass (Sam Quartin). Determined to run away together and escape their complicated past, June and Drew concoct a plan to kill Larry. Unfortunately, Larry finds out about the scheme and hires a hit man of his own (Manson) to resolve the problem.

Along with the trailer above, we’ve also got an exclusive look at the film’s poster.


“Manson signed on two days before we started shooting,” John Swab & Corey Asraf told Deadline. “Initially the role was written for a Native American, so once we knew he was on board we had removed any reference to his character’s ethnicity. It was interesting to rediscover the character as Manson brought a new Pope to life.”

“The dynamic between the two characters was truly amazing to witness unfold,” the directors said about the clip above, which was among the first scenes shot. “We wanted to stray away from the stage persona and capture a side of Manson that hadn’t been seen on film. What we found was a subtle menace, an understated performance that transcended the words on the page.”

Reuniting Manson with fellow Sons of Anarchy alums Mark Boone Jr. and Niko Nicotera, along with Sam Quartin, Let Me Make You A Martyr also stars Michael Potts. It premieres tonight during Fantasia Fest at 9:35 PM at the Concordia Hall Theatre.

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