Seth Rogen: “We Want To Make Sausage-Talking Movies For The Rest Of Our Lives” – Comic-Con

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Seth Rogen wanted to be the first guy to make an R-rated Pixar-like movie, and now that he has with Sony/Annapurna’s Sausage Partyhe’s talking a feature animated franchise.

“This was the first time we ended a movie with the intention of making another one,” said the Sausage Party actor-writer-producer after tonight’s Comic-Con screening, “We want to make sausage-talking movies for the rest of our lives.”

Given that Rogen and his producing-writing partner Evan Goldberg set out to make an R-rated movie, there were obviously no boundaries, and without spoiling the ending, well, the sky’s the limit with this F-bomb comedy that had the entire UA Theater here in San Diego in stitches. “I really don’t think the MPAA knew how to handle this film,” Rogen said.

Specifically there was a sex scene between a bagel (voiced by Edward Norton) and a lavash piece of bread. “There were a lot of May Days and fluids. Our original version was eight minutes longer,” added Rogen. Sausage Party currently clocks at 89 minutes.

“When Sammy the Bagel takes his testicles over his face, the MPAA said to just remove a few hairs,” said Rogen. The comedic filmmaker also said one taboo scene that was cut from the film involved the pic’s nemesis Douche doing unsavory physical things with a group of rabbits. They tested the scene, and it did not go down so well with the audience.

In regards to an unrated version, Rogen said, “Well, we could show the extended orgy scene.”

Rogen and Goldberg had two serious children’s animation directors behind Sausage Party: Conrad Vernon (Monsters vs. Aliens) and Greg Tiernan (Thomas & Friends). For the duo, they were all too happy to be unhinged.

“Animators are sick people,” quipped Rogen. “From all the Disney movies you hear these rumors of dirty perversions oozing onto the screen.”

Sausage Party hits theaters August 12.

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