Donald Trump Promises “Good Grouping Of Words” At Tonight’s RNC Speech, Calls Melania Speech Plagiarism Squawk “Unfair”

Fox News

Donald Trump will make his fourth appearance at the RNC tonight when he gives his victory lap speech after offically becoming the Republican Party’s presidential nominee. ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos naturally was curious how Trump planned to top Monday’s smoky rock-star entrance at the convention – or even Wednesday’s Trump Helicopter entrance (on Tuesday, he’d shown up as a large disembodied head on a screen, from Trump Tower, Wizard-of-Oz style).

“You’re going to stay tuned, you’re going have to be there,” Trump teased during Stephanopoulos’ Good Morning America interview.

“I’m not looking for an entrance, George. I’m looking for a good grouping of words, that’s going to talk about our country, and the problems we have. We have deep problems; we have really deep-seated problems. It’s not about the entrance; it’s about the words. And, about getting the words done. And the only way we’re going to get that taken care of is we have to, in November, do very well.”

Stephanopoulos, like most TV News veterans, continues to believe Trump is as bewildered as are they that the reality-TV star became the GOP’s pick. So, once again Trump fielded a question in which he got asked if, when he descended the Trump Tower escalator about a year ago to announce his candidacy, he thought, in his wildest dream, he would be standing on the stage this week as the party’s nominee.

Once again, Trump explained, “The answer has to be ‘yes’ or I would not have done it…I don’t play to lose,” though, once again, he qualified that answer to say he had not thought he would so easily crush the very large GOP field of hopefuls.

Trump also said he thought the press was largely kind to his wife Melania about the plagiarism in her Monday keynote speech. A Trump Org staffer has come forward saying she worked on the speech and put in the passages, from Michelle Obama’s 2008 address to the DNC, after Melania read them to her.  Trump said the press realized it was not Melania’s fault, but that the dust-up over the plagiarism discovery was “unfair.”

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