‘MacGyver’ Co-Creator Peter Lenkov: “We’re Trying To Get The Original Cast Members On The Show” – Comic-Con


At CBS’ panel for the reboot of MacGyverco-creator and EP Peter Lenkov told those in Ballroom 20 that the series is reaching out and trying to book some of the original cast members from the 1985 show as guest stars on the latest iteration. While he didn’t name names, a big get would be the original MacGyver himself, Richard Dean Anderson. Then there’s Bruce McGill who played Jack Dalton in 19 episodes of the show.

Lenkov mentioned that MacGyver went into production last week, and for Comic-Con attendees, his team shot a 90-second sizzle reel of the title hero played by Lucas Till, donning a tuxedo, moving his way through a cocktail party in order to fuss with a gadget in a supply room. During the soiree, we see MacGyver connect with Patricia Thornton, his boss, (Sandrine Holt, who wasn’t at today’s panel). There’s also a shot of Riley Davis, a blackhat who works with MacGyver.

Another clip at today’s panel showed MacGyver climbing on the wheels of a jet as it’s taking off ala Tom Cruise in Mission: Impossible -Rogue Nation style.

Said EP James Wan on why TV needs MacGyver today , “He’s a different kind of hero from what you see on TV these days. He uses his brain over his brawn.”

“He only resorts to violence if he needs to,” added the Conjuring 2 filmmaker, “He’s not like Jason Bourne or James Bond.”

Lenkov said that the new version of the show will dive more into MacGyver’s family, unlike the original series which portrayed him as a lone wolf. In regards to what great hacks this MacGyver will serve up, Lenkov teased that he cheats a hand-scanner for a vault.

The reboot of the hit 1985 series MacGyver has had quite a journey to the small screen. The general premise of the series is a re-imagining of the original show, following a 20-something MacGyver as he creates a clandestine organization where he uses his knack for solving problems in unconventional ways to help prevent disasters from happening. MacGyver premieres on CBS on Friday, September 23.

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