Donald Trump Running Mate Mike Pence Provides Antidote To Ted Cruz At RNC

ABC News

“You know, I’m new to this campaign. Honestly, I never thought I would be standing here. I thought I would be spending this evening with all my friends in the great state of Indiana,” Indiana Gov. Mike Pence said in his RNC debut tonight. His aw-shucks approach went over well with delegates outraged by Ted Cruz’s refusal to endorse GOP nominee Donald Trump earlier in the night.

“Yet, there I was, a few days ago, in New York City, with a man who won 37 states, who faced 16 talented opponents and outlasted every one of them, and along the way brought millions of new voters into the Republican Party,” Pence said, smiting the crowd with charm.

“He is a man known for a large personality, a colorful style and lots of charisma. I guess he was just looking for some balance on the ticket,” Pence joked of the GOP’s Wacky/Dull ticket.


“For those of you who don’t know me, which is most of you, I grew up on the front row of the American Dream,” he said of his Indiana upbringing.

“You may have noticed the presidency of Barack Obama ends six months from today. And this much is certain of the Obama years: they’re not ending well. There seem to be so many things that divide us, so few great purposes that unite us as they once did,” Pence said.

“I believe we have come to another rendezvous with destiny and I have faith…that god can still heal our land.

“This team is ready, our party is ready, and when we elect Donald President 45th President, we will Make America Great Again.”

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