Donald Trump Hypnotizes Media With Helicopter Return To RNC As ‘Air Force One’ Score Swells

ABC news

TV News operations momentarily were distracted from non-stop coverage of the Melania Trump keynote speech plagiarism story by a huge bright shiny light in the sky outside the RNC convention hall this afternoon. It was Donald Trump, flying by on Trump plane, where he was deposited and met by Trump helicopter. Trump helicopter took the GOP presidential nominee to the convention center, where his running mate, Mike Pence, and his adult children waited to welcome him back after a one-day absence from the convention.

“We’re doing exactly what the Trump camp wants us to do – all eyes on Trump,” CNN’s Brooke Baldwin acknowledged. ”

Trump de-choppered as the theme song from the movie Air Force One swelled and the crowd of mostly New York delegates, applauded.

“Boy, here we are again! Donald Trump knows how to make an entrance,” MSNBC’s Chris Jansing marveled. “He knows what works on television. This is certainly it. You won’t see this from every candidate,” she reported.

“People can mock us for covering this,” CNN’s Brian Stelter offered.


“But this is the Trump campaign’s message,” Stelter continued.  Trump’s message, his “philosophy,” he said, is “Strength.”

“What would you do if you had a plane? What would you do if you had a helicopter?” Stelter asked, rhetorically. “The entire message here is his money, his family, his helicopter. His helicopter means something.”

As Trump plane was approaching, to deposit him next to the Trump helicopter to take him to the convention, Ted Cruz was giving a speech outside the convention hall.

“Our party now has a nominee,” Cruz said. His fans begin to boo and point to the sky as they were buzzed by Trump’s plane.

“That was pretty well orchestrated,” Cruz chuckled.

Even so, it’s unlikely, in the annals of Great Presidential Nominee Entrances, Trump’s plane-chopper hand-off will be remembered as well as as his first, rock-star entrance at this political convention, to introduce wife Melania before she made her controversial keynote address. Late night TV shows had a field day with that one:

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