Eli Roth’s Crypt TV To Debut Horror Shorts Series On Chiller Network: Comic-Con


EXCLUSIVE: Crypt TV, the digital brand co-founded by Eli Roth and Jack Davis, will be premiering Crypt TV’s  Slice of Summer, a series of original horror shorts on Chiller network on July 29, 9PM.  The collaboration marks Crypt TV’s foray into television with its original content.

Slice of Summer will feature a string of horror shorts by filmmakers across the globe. The lineup includes John William Ross’ The Thing in the Apartment which centers around two friends who discover something lurking in the house.

Then there’s The McCoubrey brothers’ The Grey Matter, a sci-fi short that follows an office stiff who wakes up in an alley covered in blood. Following the mysterious incident, he attracts the attention of his beautiful coworker. While this grants him a new lease on life, there’s something not right with the situation. 

UK filmmaker James Webber’s The Prey (pictured above) follows a beautiful succubus who finds herself trapped in an alley with an attacker. Little does he know, her appetite for human flesh must be satiated by any means.

Meridians follows a masseuse with deep ties to the virtual black market who preys on her clients to supply buyers on the dark web with the disturbing goods they seek. It is directed by Blake Rice and written by Mark E. Davidson.

Jason Kupfer’s Invaders follows two unprofessional thieves who get more than they bargained for when they break into a house and face its owner.

Crypt TV reaches a fan base of 20 million video views a month. Recently, Crypt TV and Full Screen launched El Terror – a search for the most horrifying 30-second teaser – judged by Roth, Danny Trejo, and social media star Julia Kelly. The program is set to debut exclusively on Fullscreen’s new SVOD platform. Crypt TV also has a strategic relationship with Blumhouse productions. Chiller network, which is devoted to horror programming, is currently available in 40M homes.

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