Trevor Noah And Stephen Colbert Plagiarize Donald Trump’s RNC Entrance

Fox News

Trevor Noah kicked off his RNC-centric edition of The Daily Show last night at 11 PM, cribbing Donald Trump’s back-lit, rock-star entrance on the first night of the RNC to introduce his wife, before she’d delivered that keynote speech everyone was talking about the next day. Stephen Colbert did same on The Late Show at 11:35 PM only appeared to have a bigger budget.

“I know some of you are saying I plagiarized that entrance. But I want you to know that entrance represented my personal feelings and experiences of being in Cleveland,” Noah joked, borrowing an argument made by GOP nominee surrogates by way of explaining to reporters after Melania Trump’s speech that there was nothing to see here and no plagiarism had been committed.

And, here is Trump, setting the bar for late night shows:

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