Stephen Colbert Rushes RNC Podium In ‘Late Show’ Convention Coverage Stunt


Late Show host Stephen Colbert goes into his RNC convention coverage tonight with a bit of a head start. Already he’s getting coverage for having taken over the RNC podium in Cleveland as part of a stunt for his CBS late-night show.

Sporting the Hunger Games-ish wig and makeup he’s worn on Late Show when saying so-long to each GOP candidate, as Donald Trump crushed them during the election cycle, Colbert hit a gavel to the podium and pronounced it time to “begin the 2016 Republican Hungry for Power Games.” Someone posing as security confronted him, and Colbert said, “I know I’m not supposed to be up here, but let’s be honest, neither is Donald Trump.” He was led off stage and turned over, by the “security guard,” to his producers.

Late Show EP Jon Stewart also is expected to participate on-air during Colbert’s coverage of the two political conventions, to the relief of Stewart’s Daily Show fans who have mourned his absence during this particular election cycle.

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