Stephen Colbert Brawls With Bill Maher Again On ‘Late Show’


Bill Maher returned to The Late Show With Stephen Colbert which, in itself, is news. That’s because last November, in the wake of the terror attacks in Paris, Stephen Colbert honored Paris by tormenting Maher and cavorting with Acro-Cats. During that appearance, Maher had tried to play the my-show’s-on-HBO-and-I-get-to-use-profanity card; Colbert whipped around on him and gave the CBS Decency Police quite a workout. Maher did suggest the American public is growing weary of Donald Trump – the video’s available – and Colbert did correct him with word Trump’s polling was then at 42%. Maher had insisted voters were just “dating” Trump but it would not lead to a long-term relationship. Colbert called Maher “doll.” Maher called Colbert “sweetheart” – and “Steve.” Colbert responded: “Who the f*ck is ‘Steve’? Are you my third grade teacher?”

Tonight, Colbert seemed to take great pleasure in reminding Maher that when he last visited the show in November, he said Donald Trump was “wearing off.”

“He is,” Maher shot back, not letting new polling get in the way of a searing retort.

Colbert then reminded Maher that he’d forecast Trump would not win primaries.

“I don’t remember doing that. But is this is what you do? You find the place where you were right and your guest was wrong?” Maher hissed. “What I remember that  is when everyone else said Donald Trump was not serious about running for President I always said, ‘No, I think he is’,” Maher added.

Later in the show (see video below), when the talk turned to recent video of police shooting two black men in separate incidents that have sparked many protests, Maher lectured Colbert on the perks of being a cop in this country – “Lot of people kissing your ass; lot of free donuts” – and that people who sign up to be cops should recognize they’re going to deal with a lot of “asses.” Colbert responded, diplomatically, that it’s not a job he would want to do.

“And that’s why you didn’t go into it!” Maher shot back, adding, “And they wouldn’t want your job.”

“They might. It’s a nice job. I don’t know who wouldn’t want this job,” Colbert joked, trying to tone down the rhetoric.  “It’s a very nice job. I sit here, I talk to you, they pay me a lot of money, I was just drinking.”

“I take it back; they’d love to have your job,” Maher snickered.

“They would love to have your job too. Because yours is once a week. That sounds really easy,” Colbert shot back, like a guy who had started his day with his first Emmy noms snub in in a decade and was now being dissed by a jerk who got one of those late night talk show noms.

“It’s actually not. Because I have to make it good,” Maher responded blisteringly.

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