‘Ice Age’ Leads Studio Pics; Chinese Summer & ‘Sultan’ Kick Off – Intl B.O. Final

UPDATE, WRITETHRU, TUESDAY AM PT: International finals are in and updated for another overseas weekend without a new major studio wide release, leaving room for China’s Cold War II to take the top spot as the summer box office holiday kicked off there in earnest. Also making a big impact was Bollywood’s Salman Khan who brought wrestling drama Sultan into the global ring. Hollywood didn’t sit on the sidelines of offshore markets, though. Rather it was a big play for expansion and holdovers, led by Fox’s Ice Age: Collision Course.

In studio action, this session was a mile-marker for both Disney and Fox. The former crossed $5B globally and $3B international in industry record time. The latter, thanks in part to Ice Age, crossed the $2B threshold this weekend ($2.01B), making this the 8th consecutive calendar year Fox has surpassed the milestone, and the 10th time in the studio’s history. Those are both industry records.

cold war 2
China FIlm Co

Overall, this weekend belonged to the Middle Kingdom which has three movies in the Top 10, accounting for $102M, or 39% of the total. Sequel Cold War II tops the international leader board for the frame with $44M out of China, per comScore. Animated pic Big Fish & Begonia is also up there with $32M from the PROC, as is Never Gone, a sort of sequel to 2013 hit nostalgic romance drama, So Young, with $26M. While there were breathless reports at the end of last week that China had “lifted” the summer blackout on Hollywood movies, they really were misleading when only two studio titles are in for July (and neither on a Friday). The rest of the July calendar is flooded with local movies.

Meanwhile, Sultan had a $27.1M Wed-Sun net in India. In gross numbers, that rises to $37.7M and factoring in $13.7M outside its home market, Sultan actually becoems the No. 1 movie of the 5-day weekend, topping Cold War II. It’s not often a Bollywood movie enters the top ranks on an international weekend, and the film set myriad records this frame. In North America, it is already the higheset-grossing Hindi release of 2016. Likewise in India. Check out my separate report for more.

Next week, auds in the UK, Australia, Brazil and more will decide if they’re gonna call Ghostbusters which is the biggest new film in the markets. Ice Age also significantly expands before Star Trek Beyond zooms in the following week.

Breakdowns on studio titles are updated below.

20th Century Fox/Chernin Entertainment’s R-rated comedy put out ads in 19 international markets this weekend, and was answered with $3.42M from 1,635 screens. Australia was the top opener with $1.9M from 222 screens, followed by Russia at $637K from 690. The Zac Efron/Adam Devine-starrer will open in the balance of offshore throughout the summer and early fall. Efron is specializing for a third time here this year in a R-rated comedy. In comps, Dirty Grandpa has grossed $58.5M international; Neighbors 2 is at $49.1M.

With a $31.1M second frame, the 5th film in the Fox/Blue Sky Studios franchise now has a $56.6M cume across 25 markets. Scrat notably chased his acorn into Brazil this weekend for a $4.5M start on 1,159 screens giving the series its best debut ever there. It nevertheless was No. 2 behind Dory‘s sophomore swim in the market. There are currently No. 1 rankings in 16 overseas plays for IA5.

Manny, Diego, Sid and Buck rounded up the biggest Fox opening weekends ever in Argentina ($3.78M/394) — where IA5 is the No. 3 debut of all time behind Furious 7 and Civil WarCentral America ($2.18M/288); and Colombia ($2.2M/558). Peru, Chile and Ecuador gave the studio its 2nd best start ever.

Holds were also strong in both Mexico ($4.2M from 2,419/No. 2) and Germany ($2.75M from 1,472/No. 1). While Australia was soft last weekend at launch, the second session’s gross was up 33% for a total $6M after two frames. It is No. 6 in a crowded holiday frame that has been dominated by Dory.

Collision Course opens in 37 markets next weekend, including the UK, Russia, Spain, France, Belgium and Holland. Helmed by Mike Thurmeier, it hits China in a plum late August slot. North America bows July 22. As evidenced over the past few weekends, there is a lot of animated fare out there with studios staking out their regions in a staggered manner.


finding dory

Disney/Pixar’s forgetful fish remembered to turn up in Korea, Taiwan and Lebanon this weekend, helping net an overseas frame worth $30.9M in 40 total territories. The international cume is now $221.8M for a global reel over $643M. This helped push Disney over $5B at the global box office in record time. Last year, Disney hit that milestone for the first time ever on December 20. The studio also crossed $3B internationally this week. Cumes are estimated at $3.05B international and $5.02B global through July 10.

Korea welcomed Dory with open fins, giving the film Pixar’s best opening weekend ever and the No. 2 best for a Disney Animation, behind Frozen. The take there was $7.1M. Per comScore, it came in ahead of local pic Seondal: The Man Who Sells The River with $6.2M. In Taiwan, Dory posted the 3rd biggest opening weekend ever for Disney and Pixar with a No. 1 start and an estimated $1.9M.

In holdover markets, the EMEA region dropped 36% overall while in the UAE, Dory will become the highest-ever grossing Disney Animation or Pixar release this week. The rest of the Middle East opened this frame to what are expected to be the biggest Disney Animation and/or Pixar openings of all time in the region. Dory also held No. 1 in Spain for the 4th consecutive weekend

In Australia, the blue tang and the gang have the current behind them with a 4th No. 1 weekend at $3.8M and besting newcomer Tarzan. The Andrew Stanton-helmed sequel is the longest-running No. 1 film of 2016 in Oz and has a cume of $30.1M. In less than four full weeks of release in Australia, Dory is already the No 2 biggest Disney/Pixar release (after Toy Story 3) and the No. 3 biggest animated film ever. Indonesia now registers Finding Dory as its biggest Disney animation or Pixar release ever, as do India and the Philippines.

In Brazil, Dory splashed up an estimated $5.1M ($17.1M cume) in her sophomore session and continues to play great across Latin America. In China, where Dory is headed to the end of her run, the total is $38.1M. That’s the biggest Pixar gross ever in a market that just doesn’t seem to be as charmed by the brand as the rest of the globe. However, for the time being, China remains the top offshore play, followed by Oz, Brazil, France ($13.7M cume) and Spain ($13.2M). Next weekend adds Mexico, Japan and Hong Kong while the UK, Italy and Germany are still on deck.


The Legend of Tarzan
Warner Bros

In its second swing through international, Warner Bros/Village Roadshow’s update on Edgar Rice Burroughs’ classic creation added $28M in 46 total markets. The David Yates-directed spin now has a $56M cume overseas. Among opening plays were the UK, Mexico, Australia and France. The UK came in at No. 2 with $4.7M including previews on 740 screens. That’s behind the 3rd frame at No. 1 for The Secret Life Of Pets which woofed up $4.7M for the FSS. Mexico is a No. 1 start with $4.6M on 2,160. Australia took $3.2M on 334 for the No. 2 slot behind Dory. In France, Euro Cup action remains in full swing and will crescendo tonight with the host country in the final against Portugal right now. WB reports Alexander Skarsgard and Margot Robbie’s jungle romance picked up $2.6M on 535 screens there including previews in this debut frame.

After bowing at No. 1 in Russia last week, Tarzan had a clear second week in the market with no like openings. It held the top spot again with another $1.8M from 1,873 screens for a cume of $6.3M. Korea, where Tarzan is being outmuscled by local pics and the arrival of Finding Dory, now has a cume of $5.85M. Italy bows this coming weekend with China hitting on the following Tuesday. Brazil and Spain come a touch later.

Led by a strong debut in Japan where it grossed $6.01M, the Fox sequel colonized a further $20.1M from a total 72 markets. Crossing $200M international, the total has landed at $213M in the 3rd frame. On 963 screens, Japan gave Fox its biggest Sat/Sun opening since Star Wars: Episode 3 in 2005, besting even Avatar by 5%. The Middle East saw strong openings where the aliens contended with Khan’s Sultan. The UAE was tops at No. 2 behind that film with $1.5M from 117 screens. Germany and Switzerland bow next weekend.

Paramount’s sequel served up $11.5M in 61 markets this weekend. The international cume is now $139.5M. Among openings, the UAE contributed $1.1M from 43 cinemas while Italy opened to $742K at 400 locations. That’s 61% below the previous installment. Meanwhile, in China TMNT2 opened July 2 and has now grossed $49.8M to date. The previous film in the franchise saw the Chinese ultimately shell out $62.1M two years ago. This one has Chinese investment in it but is likely to shrink back into itself over the next two weeks of its run as local movies come to the fore. This would seem to throw water on the idea that just because a Hollywood film is let into China during the unofficial blackout doesn’t mean incredible returns. It’s a nice land-grab for sure, but those breathless pronouncements about a lifting of the blackout look a mite myopic. Germany and Japan are still to come in August on TMNT2.


now you see me 2

The Lionsgate pic added an stimated $10.48M from 68 markets this weekend, bringing the international cume to $178.5M. The worldwide total stands at $240.6M.

It has had a strong run in China, taking $92.7M through the 3rd frame there and still has some major markets to go. In the Middle Kingdom, the magic/heist pic sequel notably had a local marketing and promotional partner in Leomus Pictures, along with involvement from Hunan’s TIK Films subsidiary. The involvement of Jay Chou and the Macau locale likewise count towards a magical run that has well eclipsed the first film’s $23M.

There are still several key markets to go including Korea, Mexico, Spain, France, Germany and Japan. The UK launched this weekend to $3.9M (including previews), besting the previous film.

One of the counterprogrammers that could, WB’s Me Before You added $10.2M this weekend in 51 markets to bring the offshore total past $100M. The international cume is now $102.8M. Russia embraced the tearjerker with $1.5M this frame on 919 screens, and topped key comp The Fault In Our Stars by 162%. Brazil, much like with TFIOS, is the top market at $14.1M and Italy is still set to bow on September 1.

New Line and Universal’s Kevin Hart/Dwayne Johnson buddy pic tickled funny bones to $9.7M in 47 territories this weekend. One of the only studio comedy offerings out for overseas audiences in a summer where a major comedy has yet to break out, it has now grossed $47.75M offshore. Spain opened to $838K at 270 dates and No. 2, while Russia mustered the No. 5 slot with $671K at 580 dates. Australia is the top holdover at No. 4 with $2.3M for an 11-day total of $7.9M. The UK/Ireland held at No. 5 with $1.7M for a 10-day total of $7.7M. Mexico placed No. 4 with $887K for a 10-day total of $3.5M. Germany now has a 25-day total of $5.8M. There are 16 more territories to open.

The top dog domestically, Illumination/Universal’s The Secret Life Of Pets is taking its time to lap up international markets in a staggered release. This weekend, the pooches, kittens, rabbits & more took in $8M in nine territories for an early international total of $42.76M. New openings came in India ($493K) and Trinidad ($127K) while the UK/Ireland held No. 1 for the 3rd frame in a row at $4.7M and a $30.2M cume.

While Pets had a fantastic launch pad this weekend domestically, it has also smartly played the release date game overseas thus far, especially staking out that early UK date. Now, it’s got a major debut in North America to help wag the tail, and heads to 57 more territories over the next three months. Never underestimate the power of pet owners.

Continuing to conjure strong numbers, now in 62 markets, this supernatural horror title added $6.8M for the weekend from 4,365 screens. The international cume is approaching a fantastic $200M, currently at $192.4M. Mexico continues to lead at $20.2M, and further down the list Chile, with $5.3M, has given WB its biggest film of all time.

In its 7th weekend of international release, this Disney misfire is nevertheless finding some solace in Japan where it posted $3.5M for a local $12.3M cume. The full weekend was worth $5.5M in 30 territories with more Asian openings on deck including Korea on September 8. The international cume is approaching $200M while domestic is stalled at $76.1M after this frame.

In its 2nd offshore frame, Steven Spielberg’s The BFG picked up $4.6M in four Disney markets. That brings the overseas total to $11.9M. Disney has Latin America and Asia Pacific on this title and saw a $2.5M weekend in Australia – up 25% as school holidays kick in. The top Disney market cumes are Australia with $6.6M and Russia with $4.5M to date. Major markets to come include Brazil, Korea, Mexico and Japan.


Image (2) Absolutely-Fabulous-2012-008__121008151111-275x165.jpg for post 349489

Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie toasted another $3.35M worth of Bolly from 637 screens this week, down 40% from opening weekend on the Fox Searchlight title. The UK cume is a sweet $14.14M after 10 days of release.

Legendary and Universal Pictures’ Warcraft is still game with $2.4M in 56 territories this weekend for a Universal international total of $162.56M. Combined with the estimated U.S. gross of $46.6M, Universal’s total is $208.6M. The worldwide total including China’s estimated total of $221M is $430.2M.

Sony released The Shallows in four new markets including Russia this frame. The Blake Lively vs shark movie took a $2.2M bite out of box office in the session in nine markets. Russia chummed up $1.4M from 1,180 screens; Thailand was No. 1 with $650K (including previews) from 147 screens and besting fellow opener The BFG. The film is tracking 55% ahead of Into The Storm.

The Purge: Election Year, from Blumhouse Productions and Platinum Dunes, scared up another $2.2M in 17 territories for an early total of $2.42M. Worldwide, it’s at $60.3M. Offshore, the Philippines was the top opener this frame at No. 3 and $547K for the biggest debut of the franchise. Likewise, the Netherlands opened No. 4 with the biggest opening for the franchise at $297K. Overall, The Purge: Election Year is outpacing the first two films in all 17 territories where it has opened.

Audiences pledged another $1.7M to Neighbors 2 in 18 territories. The offshore cume is $49.1M on the Universal title. This weekend saw the final releases in Belgium, France and French-speaking Switzerland. In soccer-obsessed France, the pic was No. 5 with $1M at 318 dates.

Disney’s Zootopia collared another $1.2M in its 10th weekend of release in Japan. That takes the cume there to $70.4M and the international total to $680.6M. Also from the Mouse, The Jungle Book’s 14th weekend overseas lifted the cume to $575.9M with help from a $600K frame. Korea is the biggest chunk of that at $200K with a total of $18.3M and Japan still to come on August 11.

With one new market opening this weekend, Sony’s Money Monster picked up $1.2M in 49 markets. The international cume to date has reached $48.6M. Spain opened to a solid $950K from 388 screens, tracking ahead of Argo (4%), Black Mass (56%) and The Nice Guys (75%).

Finally, Universal is releasing Pedro Almodovar’s Cannes entry Julieta in Latin America. The film grossed $468K this frame at 188 dates in six markets. The total is now $937K. Brazil had a good opening with $200K at 58 dates while Argentina continued its strong run for the pic that’s something of a departure from Almodovar’s habitual style. There, it added $104K for a total $430K at 19 dates over 18 days.

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