Dallas Police Shooting: Five Officers & Suspect Dead; TV News Provides Wall-To-Wall Coverage

By Dominic Patten, Ross A. Lincoln

Associated Press

UPDATE, 6:37 AM: Dallas Police Chief David Brown said a suspect that killed five officers and wounded seven others told negotiators he was upset over the recent police shootings of black men and wanted to kill white people, particularly white police officers. Speaking at a news conference this morning, Brown said the suspect, who they believe acted alone, was eventually killed by a bomb that was detonated by officers.

The tragedy received blanket coverage by cable and broadcast nets. CNN covered the events as they unfolded live into the early morning. CBS Evening News anchor Scott Pelley was reporting live from Dallas for CBS This Morning at 7 AM ET. He remained on the air in an extended report that took CBS This Morning beyond its usual 7-9 AM time slot.

PREVIOUSLY, 10:57 PM Thursday: Tonight’s fatal police shootings in Dallas saw a special appearance by Brian Williams, marking his third time in front of the camera on NBC as an anchor since he was suspended as lead anchor on the network’s Nightly News.

Image: NBC
Image: NBC NBC

Calling the situation a “national emergency,” Williams’ special report on the violence that left five (updated number) police officers dead and seven others wounded was a feed from MSNBC, where he has been on air since September. NBC has since continued to air live MSNBC coverage from Williams as the events in Dallas continue to unfold.

Riffing his way through the report, Williams referred to the 1963 assassination of President John F. Kennedy in the city several times, as well as calling tonight the “busiest” in Dallas’ history. The shootings happened during an otherwise peaceful demonstration in protest of the killing of Alton Sterling in Louisiana on Tuesday, and of Philando Castile in Minnesota on Wednesday, both at the hands of police officers. However, there is no connection yet established between tonight’s shooting in Dallas, and the protests.

Dallas PD announced early-on that it suspected two snipers of shooting at officers mingling with the demonstrators. At least one protestor was struck during the shooting. In a press conference tonight, the department confirmed it attempted to negotiate with a suspect who was reportedly holed up in a parking garage. The suspect was reported by local media to have killed himself. A second person of interest turned himself in but appears to have not been involved as of this writing.

Williams previously appeared on NBC during the network’s coverage of a threat made against a Los Angeles school in December, 2015, and a special report on immigration following the Supreme Court’s ruling on executive orders by President Obama in June 2016.

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