Donald Trump & “Sleepy Eyes” Chuck Todd Tweet It Out

Donald Trump early this morning tweeted his displeasure with NBC News’ Chuck Todd’s coverage of yesterday’s North Carolina rally:

At today’s campaign stop, when not discussing how “sick” CNN is for its flood-the-zone coverage of his much-slammed tweet featuring Hillary Clinton against a pile-of-money background the the words “Most Corrupt Candidate Ever” floating inside a Star of David – or how much he hates mosquitoes (“Speaking of mosquitoes, ‘How are you doing, Hillary?'”) – Trump boasted he’d given the “Sleepy Eyes” nickname to Todd.

Todd hosts NBC’s Sunday Beltway show Meet the Press as well as MSNBC’s MPT Daily.

This evening, about an hour after his MTP Daily panel weighed in on the major shakeup in Trump’s Veep search what with two senators pulling their names from consideration, Todd tweeted:


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