#BoycottCinemark Erupts After Exhibitor Asks Aurora Victims To Pay $700K In Legal Fees

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UPDATE, 8:31PM: The hashtag #BoycottCinemark filled social media pages today after it was reported that the nation’s third-largest exhibitor was seeking to stick a $700,000 legal bill to victims and surviving family members of the July 20, 2012 mass shooting at the Century 16 multiplex during a screening of Warner Bros’ The Dark Knight Rises

Even California’s Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom was appalled at Cinemark’s legal maneuvers, tweeting out tonight:

The move by Cinemark has not only created anger in the social media universe, but the story’s headlines have been picked up by news outlets nationwide. Among othe 30 victims that Cinemark wants legal fees from include two families whose sons heroically saved others in the theater, a woman who had to hold her own intestines in after being shot, and a boy who was shot in the head.

The state law in Colorado is such that the winning side in a civil suit can seek compensation for their legal costs. News of Cinemark’s recent filing for legal fees comes in the wake of its recent quarterly earnings in which it reported revenue of $704.9 million.

In May, a six-person state jury delivered a unanimous verdict that Cinemark was not partially liable for the fatal Colorado shooting. Plaintiffs charged Cinemark with failing to provide security in their theaters, especially since Homeland Security put out an alert prior to the tragedy that theaters were potential terrorist targets. The mass shooting took 12 lives and injured 70.

Below are some of the tweets from those expressing outrage at Cinemark:


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