Chaotic Good Studios Launches Franchise Lab With Industry Advisory Board; Will Give Writers Ownership In Their Work

Chaotic Good Studios, a new content company devoted to developing franchises for globally recognized intellectual properties (IPs), is putting together a Franchise Lab and named a bevy of executives known in the entertainment industry as its top advisors. Chaotic Good’s Franchise Lab is a paid fellowship and collaborative year-long venture for established writers and content creators from diverse backgrounds to help them take original ideas and learn how to develop stories that can live across multiple platforms.

Many of the projects developed will be geared towards the Chinese marketplace where Chaotic Good Studios has done extensive work to date. Also, nearly half of the projects will be family friendly. For the Chinese market, Chaotic Good has worked with Beijing-based Base Media for the past two years building up a Chinese IP into a multi-platform global property. That has yet to be announced.

“The reason why we did this is that it has become clear that everyone is hungry for a franchise,” said Chaotic Good Founder and CEO Luke Ryan. “It really needs to be engineered given the fan base, their behavior, and the way various media platforms speak to each other and how they need to leverage each other. We want to help writers and creatives in Hollywood build these kind of sophisticated eco-systems and make sure their properties remain part of their vision from beginning to end.”

The company also plans to give power to writers. “We are giving them ownership in all of the properties that they themselves create,” said Ryan. “Writers are the cornerstone of these types of projects and they’re not disposable. We are lucky to have an amazing board of advisors who believe the same and are helping pave the way for the next wave of innovative storytelling.”

The newly formed advisory board includes:

Ivan Askwith – Digital Strategist and Founder/CEO of Askwith & Co.
Rachel Ball– Operations Lead, YouTube Originals
Jeff Kleeman – President, A Very Good Production
Jordan Levin – Chief Content Officer, NFL; Former network chief, The WB.
Ben Parr – Author, Captivology; Former Editor-At-Large of Mashable; manager of Rostrum Capital; Forbes 30 under 30
Sean Stewart – Creative Director/Design Director, Magic Leap. Former Creative Director, Microsoft Xbox
Craig Titley – Co-Executive Producer/Writer Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Credits include, Star Wars: Clone Wars, Scooby Doo, Cheaper by the Dozen, Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightening Thief
Mark Warshaw – Executive Producer of Amazon’s Lost in Oz and Hulu’s East Los High; Transmedia Producer of Heroes and Smallville
James Waugh – Director, Story and Creative Development, Blizzard Entertainment

Each year, the plan is that the Lab will result in a minimum of 25 original franchises that will encompass a range of genres. Every year, the Lab will select five participants and expose them to other top writers, executives and content creators who will provide insight, advice and inspiration with the ultimate goal of developing and launching on multiple platforms globally.

The Chaotic Good Franchise Lab is governed by Ryan, Sascha Hecks, Chief Operating Officer and Corey Sienega, President of Development and Production along with the advisory board.

The Lab’s pilot program participants will be announced in the coming weeks. Eligible applicants interested in submitting for the Franchise Lab can submit their email on the Chaotic Good official website to receive submission information on the application process for the initiative next year.

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