Istanbul Airport Attack: Turkey Government Says 44 Dead In “Terrorist” Bombings

Associated Press

Forty-five people are dead and more than 230 wounded in what Turkish officials are calling a terrorist attack at Ataturk Airport in Istanbul. As many as three bombs were detonated at the airport, a major regional hub that is among the world’s busiest. All three major U.S. cable news networks have broken away from analysis of Donald Trump’s economic speech and the GOP’s Benghazi report to cover the news.

CNN says a Turkish official told one of its producers that police opened fire on three suspects in the X-ray area at the international terminal, and the attackers then blew themselves up. One attacker reportedly opened fire with an assault rifle before igniting his or her suicide vest. One witness said a policeman jumped on top of a fallen attacker before that person detonated an explosive devide. Taxis that were lined up in the arrivals area were transferring the wounded to hospitals. The airport has been closed.

Istanbul has been a recent target of terrorism, and the State Department on Monday warned U.S. citizens of increased threats from groups throughout Turkey and to avoid travel in the country’s southeastern region.

Last week, local officials canceled Discop, Istanbul’s annual TV market, over security concerns. NBC’s now-canceled drama series Game of Silence was based on the Turkish drama Suskunlar, and was among the biggest sales of the last pitch season, marking the first pilot order by a U.S. network for a scripted Turkish format.

In 2014, FX’s Tyrant moved its production from Israel to Turkey with two episodes left to shoot from its 10-episode first-season order amid escalating violence in the Gaza Strip.

Patrick Hipes contributed to this report.

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