Samantha Bee Gets David Tennant To Read Scottish Mean Tweets About Trump


Samantha Bee took on Brexit and Donald Trump on Monday night’s Full Frontal, with some help from former Doctor Who and native Scotsman David Tennant.

Bee took full advantage of Trump’s appearance at his Turnberry golf course in which he praised the Brexit vote, while Scotland had voted to remain in the EU. She enlisted Tennant to read some mean tweets to Trump from angry Scots.

When Bee asked Tennant if there was any way he could go back in time and turn the Brexit vote around his response flashed to an old clip of a Doctor Who episode (not good news).

She kicked off the show by saying, “What were you thinking, England and Wales? Screwing over the rest of the world by voting stupidly? That’s our job!” (enter a fleeting image of President George W. Bush).

Check out the clip above.

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