SCOTUS Abortion Ruling: Cable News Nets Vary In Coverage; Hollywood, Hillary React

Associated Press

Cable news nets spent varied amounts of time covering this morning’s major Supreme Court ruling striking down Texas’ regulation of abortion clinics. The 5-3 decision, the court’s biggest abortion case in nearly a quarter-century, was a major win for abortion rights supporters who argued the regulations would have closed all but a few abortion clinics in the state.

Fox News Channel spent about five minutes covering the breaking news, while CNN and MSNBC stayed with the story awhile longer before moving to Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s introduction of Hillary Clinton ahead of Clinton’s planned speech. The news broke during the broadcast nets’ morning show frame.

Meanwhile, reaction poured in quickly. Within moments of the ruling, Presumptive Democratic nominee Clinton tweeted her thoughts and John Oliver retweeted Last Week Tonight‘s story on the issue from February. We’ll be updating with more reactions throughout the day.

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