JK Rowling, James Corden, ‘Game Of Thrones’ Lena Headey + More React To Brexit Victory

By Ross A. Lincoln, Dominic Patten


“I don’t think I’ve ever wanted magic more” said Harry Potter creator JK Rowling tonight as Britain – and the world – is still reeling in shock after voters in the United Kingdom delivered a decisive Brexit victory. While Parliament will have to ratify the results, and negotiations with Europe will commence, which means Brexit may not ultimately go forward, it is now considered a fait accompli that the United Kingdom will leave the European Union after 43 years of membership. As the news, and financial aftershocks, spread, prominent Britons who supported or opposed Brexit began to weigh in. Supporters were naturally ecstatic, while opponents’ reactions were a range of downturned.

James Corden was adamant in his reaction – decidedly negative by the way – to the outcome tonight.

The Thick Of It and Veep creator Armando Iannucci was circumspect in his reaction.

The Sandman creator Neil Gaiman, a British native who now resides in the U.S., offered this respectful but bittersweet comment.

JK Rowling, a very vocal opponent of Brexit, was mournful tonight as she weighed in on the vote, offering her affirmation of the popular opinion that Scotland will now move to secede from the UK.

House and The Night Manager star Hugh Laurie was more cautious.

Meanwhile, Kick Ass and Wanted creator Mark Millar was elated by the news, tweeting this out shortly after the vote was called:

Piers Morgan – shocker – who supported Brexit tweeted several thoughts about the move, but the most succinct will probably end up being the most accurate:

Game of Throne’s ruthless Queen Cersei Lannister drove her POV home across the pond

London born Black Sails’ Toby Stephens saw more disunion down the line

Stateside, American celebrities cautiously weighed in.

And early Friday morning, Patton Oswalt just cut the heart of the reaction in a retweet of one top Brexit advocate revealing they hadn’t really thought it through – to say the least

Here’s a taste of how British media is covering the shocker:

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