Life After ‘The Good Wife’ As Julianna Margulies Set For ‘Three Christs’ Pic


EXCLUSIVE: Julianna Margulies is in final negotiations for her first job after wrapping a distinguished run as the title character in The Good Wife. She will join Richard Gere, Walton Goggins, Peter Dinklage and Bradley Whitford in the indie film Three Christs, the Jon Avnet-directed adaptation of the Milton Rokeach book The Three Christs Of Ypsilanti. Eric Nazarian and Avnet adapted the novel, and filming begins July 19 in New York. Pic is set in 1959 at a Michigan state mental health hospital, where a charismatic psychiatrist and his young assistant use new controversial methods to treat their three schizophrenic patients who all claim to be Jesus Christ. Gere plays the psychiatris. Margulies will play his wife and former research assistant and secretary. While supportive of her husband, she’s cooped up with two young daughters and resentful of his long hours and of his young attractive female assistant. She is not above using her charms — and the occasional provocative sexual encounter — to be sure she continues to keep his attention. The three-time Emmy-winning actress is repped by WME.

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