Former Green Bay Packers Players Tackle Indie Comedy About Avid Fans

A handful of Green Bay Packer football players are now going for their close-ups. Fullback John Kuhn and former right tackle Mark Tauscher, running back Ahman Green and defensive end Michael Montgomery — along with former UFC light heavyweight champion Chuck Liddell are co-starring in an indie comedy about an avid fan whose home literally lines the parking lot of the famed Lambeau field (home of the Packers). And, it’s a true story in time for the kick-off of the September football season.

The project, The 60-Yard Line, is based on the life a friend of filmmaker Ryan Churchill. The story follows Ben “Zagger” Zagowski and Nick “Polano” Polano who are best friends and co-workers and buy a house whose back door is right up against the parking lot of the stadium. One is forced to pick between a football fan party life and a girl. “Beer is consumed. Lives change. There’s a the film’s tagline.

The guys all play themselves and are in more than one scene with speaking roles.


“If you walk out the back door of his house, you are in the parking lot,” said writer/producer Churchill who came out of the Second City comedy program in Chicago. After buying the house, the friend found out that he, Kuhn and Tauscher had mutual business friends in Wisconsin. So after games, the two football players would go and hang out at the house.

lfound out about the film and wanted to be in it as well. The former champ was actually on the field when the Packers won the SuperBowl in 2o10.

“Our goal was to get as many players as we could. We got to Green Bay two weeks before we started filming and it turned out that a local sportscaster is best friend with an actor in Los Angeles who told him about the film,” said Churchill. “The local sportscaster worked with Ahman Green. They knew about the movie locally and decided to help so we wrote Green into the movie. Montgomery is now an actor in Los Angeles and he heard about the film and wanted to be in it so he’s in it as well.”

The film was directed and also produced by Leif Gantvoort from a script by Churchill and Nick Greco. Alex McCullough and Greco also produced. The film also stars Randall Park, Cedric Yarbrough and Chelsey Crisp. Kimberley Crossman is also in the film.

The film is currently in post.




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