Ben Affleck Calmly Discusses Career Low Point, Less Calmly Tackles Deflategate


Sports columnist-turned-talk show host Bill Simmons said he needed a fellow Bostonian for the series premiere episode of his new HBO show Any Given Wednesday, and with Whitey Bulger “not available” he went with Ben Affleck, a sports nut who also happens to be Batman. Simmons got Affleck to open up about what he felt was the low point in his movie career (thanks to Robert Wuhl and United Airlines, of all things) before he found his voice directing via Gone Baby Gone, and then quickly segued to Deflategate, the NFL scandal involving New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady. That resulted in a four-game suspension for arguably football’s best player that will force him to miss a quarter of the upcoming season.

In other words, while Arliss’ jokes made him upset, they seemed to pale in comparison to the injustice done to his team’s QB given the expletive-laden (though pretty rationally argued) rant he goes on about it. Check out the clip above in which he talks about his resurgence (“I was so uncool”) and then goes off defending Brady.

Any Given Wednesday premiered last night and airs Wednesday at 10 PM.

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