Seth Meyers Casts Bill Cosby As Obama In Donald Trump’s “Chicago President’

Seth Meyers Donald Trump Ban

UPDATED with video: Donald Trump continues to not be a guest on NBC’s Late Night with Seth Meyers which, Meyers explained last night, is because Trump has been banned from the show, and because Trump has never expressed any interest whatsoever in guesting on the show.

Recent news about Trump having done so little fundraising, having such a tiny campaign staff, and airing virtually no ads, lends credibility to the theory that Trump doesn’t actually want to become POTUS, Meyers said. That was Meyers’ latest jumping off point for re-stating NBC’s offer to give its former reality-TV star his own 13-episode order for a new drama series in which he would get to play POTUS.

To date, NBC has not heard back from Trump on the offer (which, Meyers again pointed out, NBC had not approved, or heard of, before he first mentioned it on his slate-night show last week). Meyers thinks maybe Trump has written it off as a joke. “This is not a joke,” Meyers insisted.

To prove it, Meyers announced he had cast the series.

Bradley Cooper will play a young Donald Trump in flashback scenes. Ryan Gosling will play an older Trump in flash-forward scenes.

The role of Hillary Clinton will go to Harrison Ford – because she’s going to be a fugitive. Get it?

ISIS will be played by Trump nemesis Rosie O’Donnell, Meyers said, eliciting gasps and groans from his studio audience.

And, to play Obama, NBC has cast a “big name, a great actor, five time Emmy winner and show business legend, Meyers said.

Bill Cosby.

Meyers advised Trump to take some time to think about whether he wants the burden of actually being POTUS “or just want to be president in your natural habitat: Television.”


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