Stephen Colbert Bashes House Republicans, Endorses Democrats’ Sit-In To Force Action On Gun Control – Update

UPDATED with video and today’s details: One day after Stephen Colbert pounded on the Senate for its inaction on gun control legislation, the CBS late-night host applauded House Democrats who, since early Wednesday morning, had staged a sit-in demanding action on gun control before their scheduled Fourth of July 4 break. That sit-in still is going on this morning, though Republicans, who control the House, thumbed their nose at the effort and declared an early start to that holiday break, effective immediately. “We are not going to allow stunts like this to keep us from carrying on the people’s business,” House Speaker Paul Ryan told reporters this morning in a news conference.

CSPAN gun control sit-in screen grab

Wednesday morning, when the sit-in launched, Ryan had shut off C-SPAN’s cameras. Before doing an end run around Ryan, using Periscope and Facebook coverage from inside the House, C-SPAN had explained, via Twitter, that it “has no control over the U.S. House TV cameras.”

“What? C-SPAN doesn’t control the cameras? If you don’t control what we see, then what do you span?” Colbert wondered. “If not controlling, what does C-SPAN do? Is it a money-laundering scheme? Are they a front for the world’s most boring heroin cartel?”

Republicans already are responding to the Dems’ sit-in. Rep Tom Cole said, “I don’t think we should allow any group to bring the work of the House to a halt.”

Snarked Colbert: “Its’ true, you wouldn’t want the gridlock to lose its momentum. Don’t let your complete paralysis get in the way of a good stalemate.”

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