Stephen Colbert Takes Off Gloves, Attacks Senate Over Blocked Gun Control Measures

UPDATED with video: Stephen Colbert tried a new approach to late-night-TV grieving after a mass shooting and inevitable congressional inaction – hopefully signaling a daypart-wide change from the pause for heartfelt monologu-ing that has become de rigueur in in daypart.

“After the attacks in Orlando, I thought maybe the government might do their job and pass any kind of law – even a fig leaf to justify their existence,” Colbert began, the day after senators failed to scare up enough bipartisan support to pass a series of gun control measures.

“I know how hard it must be to be in the senate and find common ground in such a politically fraught issue and  — You know what? F*ck that. I’m going to take the gloves off.”

And then he did:

Hey Senate! My dog accomplished more than you this week, when it rolled over and licked its nuts!

Hey Senate! I’ve seen bugs trapped in amber move faster than you!

Hey! You guys think a Terrorists Watch List is when you put ‘Homeland’ on your Netflix queue!

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