Gillian Jacobs On Connecting With Her ‘Love’ Alter Ego – Emmys


When Loves Gillian Jacobs was faced with portraying a character who struggles with sobriety, the actress, who doesn’t share the same struggle, attributes her performance to “a great script” which she described as “beautiful, accurate, and truthful.” Created by Judd Apatow, Lesley Afrin and co-star Paul Rust, the Netflix original series is a deep yet funny look into the pitfalls, anxiety and occasional payoffs of a post-modern romance era.

Though Jacobs doesn’t relate to her character on a substance abuse level, the Community alum found “it’s very easy to relate to Mickey in a variety of other ways. “I had periods of my life that I was getting in my own way and my own worst enemy,” she shared at a recent Awardsline screening of Love moderated by stand-up comedian and former Saturday Night Live scribe John Mulaney.  “I was blaming a lot of other people or other things and had to really confront the fact it started with me.”



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