Glenn Ficarra & John Requa Ink Overall Deal With 20th Century Fox TV


Glenn Ficarra and John Requa, who directed NBC’s standout drama pilot This Is Us, have signed an overall deal with the studio behind the project, 20th Century Fox TV, for Zaftig Films, their company with Charlie Gogolak.

Under the two-year pact, Ficarra, Requa, and Gogolak will render executive producer services on Dan Fogelaman’s This Is Us, which was picked up to series for fall by NBC, landing behind The Voice on Tuesday. The trailer for the pilot directed by Ficarra and Requa has generated a record-breaking 71 million views across social media.

This Is Us (NBC)

Under the overall deal, Ficarra, Requa and Gogolak also will develop new series for network, cable, and streaming services.

On the feature side, Requa and Ficarra most recently directed Whiskey Tango Foxtrot and Focus, both of which were executive produced by Gogolak.

Zaftig Films previously collaborated with 20th TV on the single-camera ABC comedy series Back In The Game, whose pilot Ficarra and Requa also directed.

“John and Glenn took Dan Fogelman’s masterpiece of a pilot script and delivered one of the most beautifully rendered and perfect episodes of television in ‘This is Us,” said 20th Century Fox Television President of Creative Affairs Jonnie Davis. “This deal keeps them and their terrific producing partner Charlie Gogolak on this incredible series going forward, but also ensures that their future development will be for this studio. We love these guys and are proud to have them on our roster.”

Zaftig Films is represented by CAA and attorney Jeff Frankel.

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