Titus Welliver On ‘Bosch’, Broadening The Scope And Shooting In LA – Awardsline


“The one thing now that speaks volumes about the books is that I can read them on airplanes or on the beach, but I can’t read those books the way I read other books in bed at night before I go to sleep, because I can’t stop reading them until they are done,” says Titus Welliver of Michael Connelly’s best selling Harry Bosch novels.

Welliver’s appreciation for the books on which Amazon’s Bosch series—starring the Good Wife alum as the jazz-loving, idiosyncratic and intense LAPD detective—is manifest. Having now notched two 10-episode seasons of the Eric Overmyer-developed series on his belt, and brought the sharp-elbowed cop to life for the streaming screen, character actor Welliver is strapped in for a third season, which is being written as we speak based on Connelly’s 1992 The Black Echo and 2001’s A Darkness More Than Night.

“I think that the scope of Season 2 was bigger and broader than the first season,” he notes. “Obviously, the writing is at the forefront of that, but I think we really came out of the box even stronger the second season, and the third season is moving in that same direction. It’s even more complex storytelling than in the previous two seasons.”

That complexity, and Bosch’s powerful personification by Welliver, also finds strength and solace in the City of Angels itself, which is virtually a character in the show. “I think Los Angeles is really well depicted in the show,” the SAG Award nominee asserts. “I’m not an Angeleno, I’m a New Yorker, although I’ve lived in L.A. on and off. But for me, I find that in the discovery of these places we show on the show, we demonstrate a rich history of this town and its underbelly.

“So often the temptation is to take a show where you are going to have the tax incentives and save a couple of bucks, but thank god, Connelly said filming in L.A. was a make or break deal,” the actor recalls of the author and EP. “He said, ‘You’ve got to shoot it here because the city is totally intrinsic to the storytelling.’”

Yes it is, Harry Bosch. Yes it is.

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