‘Finding Dory’ Splashes Out With $50.7M Offshore Opening; ‘Warcraft’ Crosses $200M In China – Intl Box Office Final


UPDATE, WRITETHRU, Monday, 6:05 PM: While she was busy setting an animated opening record domestically this frame, a certain forgetful blue tang got her first taste of overseas waters as well. Pixar sequel Finding Dory cast a net in 29 material territories with an estimated $50.7M launch to take the No. 1 spot at the international box office this weekend. In China, notably, Dory splashed out with Pixar’s biggest opening ever at $17.7M — topping the lifetime of Inside Out there. Coming in at No. 2 overall — and in a different sequel register, New Line/Warner Bros’ The Conjuring 2 raised a better-than-expected $43.1M cume to help it break the $100M mark in 11 days of offshore play as a key counterprogramming title. At No. 3 was last week’s champ, Warcraft, with a $41M+ overseas frame, including China and the markets Universal is handling abroad. Despite a sizable drop in the Middle Kingdom, Warcraft crossed the $200M milestone there in 12 days.

Swimming back to Finding Dory, the Andrew Stanton-helmed film comes 13 years after he directed Finding Nemo to $528M internationally and $868M worldwide in its original release. (Nemo increased the global number by $69M with the 2012 3D re-release.) The space since Nemo doesn’t appear to be hurting Dory any. Across 32% of the international fin-print, and at today’s exchange rates, Finding Dory is currently 33% ahead of Inside Out, 51% over Monsters University and 63% bigger than Finding Nemo.

It’s tapping into a nostalgia factor for a lot of folks as well as bringing smaller kids into theaters for the fish tale whose earlier version they’ll likely also have seen on a DVD loop. Similarly, Toy Story 3 ($648M intl) came 11 years after Toy Story 2 ($239M), and Monsters University ($475M) enrolled 12 years post Monsters Inc ($273M). On both of those, along with Finding Nemo, Japan was the biggest market outside the U.S. by far. China not only wasn’t as exponentially massive as it is now, Pixar hadn’t tended to fare quite so well there. That makes Dory’s initial outing all the more impressive. Other key plays included Australia and Russia as this film takes its time rolling out, mindful of setting a collision course with the next Ice Age in mid-July.

The reef dwellers nevertheless were outnumbered by orcs and Azerothians in China as last week’s record-breaker, Warcraft, made roughly $23.8M. That’s an 85% drop in the market, which certainly was front-loaded. However, it’s worth noting that China typically comes with steep dips, and last session included a four-day holiday. The sophomore outing for Legendary/Universal’s big-screen video game adaptation lifted the Middle Kingdom cume to an estimated $205M. With $18M from Universal territories this frame, the worldwide total is $378.9M. Next weekend, look for big swings as Independence Day: Resurgence lands in China – and 57 other offshore markets.

X-Men Apocalypse

Along with Dory, the other main newcomer this weekend is New Line/Universal’s Central Intelligence with a $6.8M start that generated good vibes in Germany but has yet to hit the rest of the key majors.

Meanwhile, Fox’s X-Men: Apocalypse has set a franchise best for China, eclipsing Days Of Future Past to become the top-grossing X-Men film in local currency with 732M rmb. The dollar cume there is $111.6M after a good $8.7M hold.

Breakdowns are updated below.

Anita Busch updated Monday finals.



Diving in with a $50.7M start overseas, Finding Dory hunted up a record bow for a Pixar title in China at $17.7M, and an all-time best for a Disney/Pixar release in Australia at $7.7M. Russia opened to $3.2M. In total, the sequel to 2003’s Finding Nemo swam to 29 material overseas territories this weekend. At this point in those comparable plays, Dory is 33% ahead of Inside Out ($501M intl cume), 51% over Monsters University ($475M) and 63% bigger than Finding Nemo ($556M). The fish tale is set up swimmingly for the rest of its staggered rollout which continues in France and Spain next weekend before expanding throughout the summer and fall. IMAX currently has a $6.4M global tally on Dory.

Finding Nemo’s top ex-U.S. play was Japan with $102.4M. China was barely a blip all the way back in 2003 so direct comparisons are tough. However, Pixar films have tended not to perform as well with Chinese audiences as other brands in the Disney stable. The cerebral Inside Out topped out at just $15.3M, meaning FD is already ahead of it after a few fin strokes. Monsters University — also a sequel that came more than a decade after the first film — is the top grossing Pixar film to date in the Middle Kingdom with $33.7M.

Looking at recent Disney pics like Zootopia and Big Hero 6 which built strongly on their openings, Finding Dory may play like a new discovery in China. Awareness is spotty and it will be important to see Dory spread her fins beyond the tier 1 cities.

Elsewhere this weekend, Dory and friends traveled to India, Indonesia, Singapore and the Philippines, scoring the biggest Disney/Pixar opening weekend of all time. In Vietnam it is already the top Pixar movie ever, out-paddling the entire runs of Finding Nemo and Toy Story 3.

In family-friendly Latin America, the opening was the second biggest for Disney/Pixar ever, led by Argentina‘s estimated $3.5M. And that’s despite Argentina’s Copa America soccer match on Saturday. In Colombia the launch was $2.1M for the No. 2 D/P release of all time behind Monsters University. In Peru and Central America, Dory is the top start for Dis/Pix ever.


Central Intelligence Movie
Warner Bros

The comic duo of Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart proved a draw in openings internationally with a better than expected $7.1M (up from $6.8M) across 24 territories. The New Line/Universal release took the No. 1 spot on Saturday in Germany and cumed $2.2M for the weekend, putting it in a photo-finish with WB/New Line’s The Conjuring 2. There were also No. 1s in Austria, Israel, the Netherlands, Sweden and German-speaking Switzerland. Greece, Hungary and Norway started off well on the Rawson Marshall Thurber-helmed buddy comedy. Asian and smaller Latin American territories had solid debuts. In the same suite of markets, Central Intelligence opened ahead of comps including 21 Jump Street, 2 Guns, The Heat, This Means War and Spy.

Hart’s star is rising internationally — Ride Along 2 jumped 71% overseas from the first picture — and pairing him with global box-office draw Johnson is an inspired move. Universal says its local offices are reporting that fans of each are enjoying the chemistry with positive word of mouth. Johnson recently took a seat on Graham Norton’s couch to do UK press and invited the audience to help create a new alarm for his Rock Clock app, charming viewers in the process. Central Intelligence heads there on June 29. There are 38 more territories to come, including all other majors, over the next three months.


conjuring 2
WB/New Line

Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson scared up a better than thought $43.1M (up from $41.9M) offshore this frame to take the international total to $117.5M in 57 markets. The James Wan thriller has been in overseas release for about two weeks and has already surpassed the lifetime grosses of the first film in the series as well as comp Annabelle in over 15 markets including Argentina, Mexico ($15.8M) and Hong Kong. In like-for-like markets, the results are 70% ahead of The Conjuring and 36% over Annabelle. The UK got off to a haunting $6.6M start on 780 screens after opening Monday. Spain was a solid No. 1 with $1.85M and 50% of the Top 5 films. Excluding sneaks, results are 22% above The Conjuring and +40% bigger than Annabelle. Russia also bested the comps with a $1.75M start on 1,087 screens. In Germany, the WB/New Line sequel is neck-and-neck with New Line/Universal’s Central Intelligence — each claiming the eventual win with an estimated $2.1M apiece. Both films played to the audience not watching Germany’s Euro 2016 match on Thursday night. Other leading cumes include Brazil at $8.4M and Korea with $8.7M. Rollout continues in Italy and France in the next weeks.



Falling from No. 1 last frame to a very close No. 3 this time around, Legendary Pictures and Universal Pictures’ Blizzard Entertainment video game transfer grossed a combined $41.2M from China and other offshore markets. Breaking that down: Warcraft tallied $18M in 56 markets where Universal is releasing, and about $23.5M in the PROC where Legendary is partnered with China Film Group and Huaxia. The Universal total is now $135.5M in those 56 plays and the China total is $205M. The full international cume comes to $340M for the Duncan Jones pic; the worldwide total is $378.9M.

In China, the orcs held on to No. 1 for 12 days in a row and won the weekend for the 2nd frame. There was a sizable drop from the debut which came on a four-day holiday and was heavily front-loaded. Nevertheless, Legendary’s strategic move to partner with local companies on this particular piece of IP in a country that has a long history with it, has many onlookers impressed. Domestic, where it has been dismally received, is currently a little under 10% of the whole while China makes up 54%.

In IMAX, 291 Chinese screens pounded out $4M for a total $27.5M to best Jurassic World. Warcraft is now IMAX’s 3rd best-grossing Hollywood title ever in China.

In new Universal plays this frame, Australia opened No. 2 with $2.5M; New Zealand opened No. 2 with $435K; Mexico at No. 2 with $3.4M; and Cyprus No. 1 with $33K. Korea is Universal’s top holdover with a second weekend gross of $1.7M for an 11-day total of $7.9M. Germany added $1.1M for a 25-day total of $13.9M and Russia is Uni’s top-grossing territory with $21.7M in 25 days. On June 30, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Panama, Peru and Japan get facetime with the Azerothians.



The Lionsgate heist sequel lifted $16M from 54 markets this frame for a total $49.7M overseas. Russia is the top holdover market with $11.9M after two sessions while Australia follows at $5.5M after three. Taiwan ($4.4M), Brazil ($4.3M) and Hong Kong ($2.9M) round out the Top 5. The Jesse Eisenberg-starrer bowed in the Middle East and Malaysia to $1.2M and $900K respectively this session. Many of the majors are not yet open on the Jon M Chu-helmed thriller. The counterprogrammer next enters China on Friday and then has the UK, Korea, Mexico, Spain and France in July, Germany in August and Japan in September.


me before you
Warner Bros Pictures

The MGM/New Line/Warner Bros weepy opened No. 1 in Brazil this weekend in what is a key market for the genre. Two years ago, Fox’s The Fault In Our Stars was a major breakout here — coming squarely in step with the World Cup soccer tournament that was playing out locally and sweeping the hearts and minds of its demo. Me Before You’s $3.3M debut on 587 Brazilian screens was worth 35% of the Top 5 market share and came in on par with TFIOS (including sneaks), and ahead of all other comps. The cume there is $3.8M. In total the Emilia Clarke/Sam Claflin pic generated another $13.5M for a total $35.8M after three. Australia bowed to $2.1M on 228 screens; that’s better than all comps barring TFIOS which beat it by 12%. Including sneaks the cume there is $2.5M. The biggest hub — and notably during Euro 2016 soccer play — continues to be the UK with $9.4M total after a 28% drop this frame. Korea is also holding well with a 27% dip and a total $4.5M. Germany opens this week.

With a $12.8M weekend propelled largely by $8.69M out of China, the international cume has mutated to $364.2M. As noted above, that China number lifts the total there to $111.6M and 732M rmb to make XMA the biggest pic ever in the Fox franchise for that market. In a total 49 markets, this frame saw solid results from France ($732K/$15.1M cume), the UK ($547K/$25.6M), Germany ($386K/$8.77M), Brazil ($263K/$18M) and Mexico ($305K/$18.7M). Japan is still to come on August 11. Fox next has its hands full with an alien re-invasion when Indepdence Day: Resurgence attacks in 58 international markets next weekend.



The heroes on the half-shell served up a $10.5M weekend internationally. With six new openings taking the total markets to 50, the total cume to date is $70.8M. Paramount’s TMNT2 performed below the original in three key starts this weekend. Brazil, which was the No. 4 market on the last film, opened at No. 3 with $2.7M at 792 locations to come in 2% above Angry Birds and 31% below TMNT. Korea was a No. 6 debut was worth $1.2M from 517 cinemas for a start 28% below Angry Birds and 43% below TMNT in 2014. Spain took 2nd place with $672K at 330 (-48% TMNT/- 66% Angry Birds). Notable hold markets include Venezuela ($6.2M cume), Mexico ($8.5M), Australia ($3.4M) and the UK ($8M). France is coming up at the end of the month, followed by China where Alibaba has money in the film.

Hong Kong threw its hat in the Alice ring this weekend with a No. 1 $930K start. The Johnny Depp-starrer added a total $8.6M for an international cume of $167.3M to date. Globally, it’s at $236.6M. This was the 4th weekend at offshore turnstiles in 45 markets. Holidays and competition from European soccer have helped with smallish drops over the past few frames in the region. Germany was down 17% ($7M cume), Spain 23% ($4.5M) and France off 31% ($6.8M) this session. China leads all international markets with $58M. Asian hubs to still to release include Japan, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines, Vietnam, and Thailand.

Alighting in Italy, Sony’s mobile franchise adaptation opened No. 1 with $1.6M on 539 screens. That’s 2% ahead of Big Hero 6 for the four-day bow. The total weekend was worth a lesser than expected $5.9M (down from the estimate $6.3M) on 7,800 screens in 88 offshore markets for a $224.3M cume. Germany continues to play the game, dropping just 3% to add $600K in the 6th frame. That’s the No. 4 market overall behind China ($73.9M), the UK ($14.1M) and Russia ($11.9M). Brazil rounds out the Top 5 at $7M. Japan is still to come on October 1.



In its 11th weekend of international release, Disney’s swinger added $6.3M for an offshore cume of $566.9M. A big $478M came from Korea where it dipped just 19% and lifted the total to $12.5M. The global box office stands at $922.8M. Japan is still to come on August 11.

Sony’s Jodie Foster-helmed cautionary tale put $3.4M in the bag this weekend in 82 markets. The international cume is now $41.9M with Mexico adding $740K to the total from 395 screens. Australia and Germany held well with $4.5M and $3.4M cumes, respectively. Japan dropped 39% from open for a $1.8M total after two weekends.

With $1.9M, Japan continues to contribute the bulk of Zootopia’s grosses in its 7th consecutive weekend as the No. 1 Western film. The cume there is $63.8M. This was the 19th overall frame at offshore turnstiles for the Disney animated film which brought in a total $2.6M. The overseas total is $672.5M for a $1.0119B global cume.



Also in Japan, Fox’s Deadpool still has em rolling in the aisles with another $1.4M from 733 screens. It is the biggest X-Men movie ever in the market and will soon surpass Batman V Superman there. The international total is $417.4M.

Neighbors 2 (UNI): $871K weekend; $44.2M intl cume
The Wailing (FIP): $477K weekend, $47.7M Korea cume
The Boss (UNI) $516K weekend; $14.89 intl cume
Captain America: Civil War (DIS): $500K weekend; $743.7M intl cume
The Witch (UNI): $377K weekend; $14.6M intl cume

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