‘The Bachelor’ Employs Sean Penn & Ryan Reynolds For Emmy Campaign

The Bachelor

Desperate times call for unconventional measures. After failing to land a single Emmy nomination in 20 cycles, ABC’s popular reality series The Bachelor is mounting a major campaign push built around celebrity “endorsements.”

THE BACHELOR - Variety 2nd RHP

Traditional For Your Consideration Emmy ads feature quotes from critics praising the program in question. Those likely are in short supply for The Bachelor, which has never scored with critics. But it has a rabid fan following, and that’s what the show’s marketing team at Warner Bros TV is looking to tap into with an Emmy ad that showcases things actors Sean Penn, Ryan Reynolds, Kristen Dunst, Kate Hudson and others have said about the reality show in interviews or on social media.

The Bachelor executive producer Martin Hilton and WBTV head of alternative Mike Darnell addressed the show’s lack of Emmy recognition at Deadline’s The Contenders Emmy event in April. “This show has never (been nominated for) an Emmy. For anything!,” Hilton told the audience of likely voters. “And despite that, this show is a cornerstone of American pop culture.”

Added Darnell, “For wardrobe, nothing!” noting that The Bachelor has been a major hit since 2002, spawning a successful franchise. “This isn’t just luck. I would implore you to look at it. You don’t last this long without being a really well-produced show.”

Hilton suggested that The Bachelor likely gets overlooked by the Emmys because of its “guilty pleasure” status. To laughter, he urged Emmy voters to get over the bias and “do what really needs to be done here.”

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