DJ Qualls On Joel De La Fuente’s “Scary” ‘The Man In The High Castle’ Performance — Emmys


Mild Spoilers About The Man in the High Castle below.

Recently Deadline hosted a panel discussion of Amazon’s sci-fi thriller series The Man in the High Castle, based on the novel by Phillip K. Dick, as the streaming service ramps up its Emmys campaign for the show’s first season. In attendance at the event were the cast and creatives behind the series, who had a spirited discussion of the show set in an alternate history in which the allies lost World War II and the United States is now partitioned between the Nazis and Imperial Japan, with a lawless border area separating their zones of control. In the clip above, DJ Qualls, who plays factory worker Ed McCarthy in the Japanese zone, talks at length about the performance of Joel De La Fuente, who plays the very sinister Chief Inspector Kido, head of the Kempeitai (Imperial Japanese secret police).

Noting that De La Fuente is able to lose himself in the part when shooting – “there’s nothing… left” he says in awe – Qualls makes an allusion to the events of the final episode of season 1, when Kiddo framed McCarthy for the assassination of Japan’s Crown Prince. That moment is notable for among other things adding serious depth to Kiddo, a fascinating character who often felt like the eye of Sauron, for lack of a better way to put it, the manifestation of evil will made human. In the season finale, he emerges compromised but successful and, yes, “scary.” See Qualls discuss his performance in the clip above.

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