Co-Host Search Still Just Talk For ‘The View’ & ‘Live!’


Michelle Collins this afternoon entered the Instagram Stage of being let go from The View, becoming, as she noted, the newest member of the One Seasoner Club on a daytime show that is gaining a reputation as one of the riskier gigs for on-air talent.

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The Instagram Stage followed by one day the Releasing To the Media The Internal Memo Stage, which, nine times out of 10, involves use of the word “bittersweet.” In this case, the memo came from show EP Candi Carter:

Dear team,

I have some bittersweet news to share – Michelle Collins is leaving the show.

A gracious presence on stage and off, she asked smart questions, made us laugh and will always be part of The View family.

We wish her great success with some exciting new projects ahead.

Please join me in thanking Michelle for her hard work, great humor and many contributions this season to The View. She’ll be in the office next week to say good-bye to you personally.


The One Seasoner Club has gained a lot of new members since 2013. The View’s revolving door has been spinning so dizzily on the show the past few seasons, that panelists these days do a lot of disagreement prefacing with “You know I love you, but….” as a pre-emptive measure for inevitable “They Couldn’t Stand Each Other” press reports whenever a panelist exits. Those quickly-exited panelists who will welcome Collins to the OSClub include Jenny McCarthy, Rosie Perez, Nicole Wallace and Rosie O’Donnell, who was a member in good standing already, based on her previous one-season tenure on the show back in 2006-2007.

And while Whoopi Goldberg, whose contract is up over the summer, still is in talks about remaining as the show’s den mother; and talks also are ongoing with relative newbies Raven-Symone, Candace Cameron-Bure and Paula Faris. All appear likely to come back. ABC News’ Good Morning America lifestyle editor Sarah Haines, and former CNN regular Sunny Hostin are being focused-grouped as frequent guests hosts, and “frontrunners” to join the panel. ABC hopes to have everything settled before the show starts celebrating its 20th season the Tuesday after Labor Day.

Collins’ brief tenure seemed star-crossed. Joining in September, she’d already caused controversy by November when she described GOP candidate Carly Fiorina as looking “demented” when she demonstrated her smile during the CNBC debate. Fellow panelist Paula Faris, forgetting to begin with, “You know I love you but…” jumped right in to call “demented” too strong a word. Demonstrating that back-having that Collins praised in her Instagram, Goldberg shot back: “As a comic, she means ‘demented.’ I think as a comic we have to stand up for the words we use.”

Speaking of controversy, another Disney daytime franchise, Live! has just recently moved from the Controversial Co-Host Exit Phase to the Search For Kelly’s New Co-Host Phase. And yet, only about one month into the search, the field already is littered with “frontrunners.” They include Kelly Ripa’s BFF Anderson Cooper, 38 times her guest co-host. Also a “frontrunner” is Ripa pal Andy Cohen. Both men have achieved Ripa Has Threatened To Walk If They Don’t Get The Gig status, according to some of the more breathless press reports. Other’s achieving “frontrunner” status: Rob Lowe, Mario Lopez, Jerry O’Connell and, most recently, Jeff Gordon according to TVline.

The search got underway sooner than originally planned, the exit of Michael Strahan having been stepped up after Ripa went MIA from the show for a few days in April. She took a walk in protest after being informed Strahan was heading to ABC’s GMA less than half an hour before it was reported in the press

Live!, however, is a show that revels in its co-host searches; especially in this social-media era, viewers and the studio audience enjoy weighing in on the parade of guest co-hosts whose chemistry with Ripa is being checked out.

The View is dark now through July 4 and also will be dark in the month of August.

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