‘Captain America: Civil War’: First 2016 Title To Charge Past $400M At Domestic B.O.


In its 43rd day of release, Disney-Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War becomes the first movie this year to fly past $400 million at the domestic box office in a year that began racking up $300M-plus grossing titles quite early on. That list includes 20th Century Fox’s Deadpool ($363M), Disney’s The Jungle Book ($354M), Zootopia ($338.5M) and Warner Bros’ Batman V. Superman: Dawn Of Justice ($330.3M).

From the onset, many non-Disney executives predicted Civil War would be the highest-grossing live-action film of the summer given its placement on the calendar — it was the only wide release on May 6 — and the fact that the film is one of this season’s few mega-brand franchise titles. Also add in the fact that Civil War was kicking its high-stakes drama up a notch with the fracturing of the Marvel Avengers team. Even with such highly anticipated sequels like Paramount’s Star Trek Beyond and spinoffs like Warner Bros’ Suicide Squad on the schedule, many don’t see anything coming close to toppling Civil War. The only film that could conceivably rival it this summer is Disney’s own Finding Dorywhich is poised to post a $100M-plus opening at the B.O., the second best after the Russo Brothers-directed threequel, which racked up the best FSS to date in 2016 with $179.1M. Worldwide, Civil War counts $1.14 billion, the fourth Marvel title to click past the billion mark.

Last year, three films cleared the $400M threshold: Disney/Marvel’s Avengers: Age Of Ultron ($459M), Universal’s Jurassic World ($652M), and the all-time grossing film ever at the domestic B.O., Disney’s Star Wars: The Force Awakens ($936.7M). When it comes to pics that crossed $300M last year, there were six. Including the titles just listed, there was also Universal/Illumination’s Minions ($336M), Furious 7 ($353M), and Disney/Pixar’s Inside Out ($356.5M).

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