Cast & Crew Acquires CAPS Payroll In Latest Expansion

Cast & Crew Entertainment Services has sealed a deal to acquire CAPS Payroll, which will add commercial production, venues, music tours, live events, unscripted TV and independent film sectors to its growing base of payroll and production management services.  It’s the latest pickup for the company since Silver Lake acquired Cast & Crew in June 2015. Since then it has unveiled new digital workflow solutions and in February acquired screenwriter software biggie Final Draft.

Industry staple Cast & Crew provides entertainment payroll and residuals processing. products including its PSL production accounting software, workers’ compensation programs, and financial services. CAPS is headquartered in Culver City, CA.

“Cast & Crew and CAPS are an ideal fit, with complementary client bases, compatible technology portfolios and consistent corporate cultures,” said Cast & Crew president and CEO Eric Belcher. “This combination will offer clients the industry’s best suite of technology-
enabled solutions and expand support, training and career opportunities for employees of both companies.”

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