‘Spotlight’s Brian d’Arcy James Cast In Netflix Series ’13 Reasons Why’, Joins TNT Pilot ‘Civil’


Brian d’Arcy James is set to co-star opposite Dylan Minnette, Katherine Langford and Kate Walsh on Netflix‘s 13-episode series 13 Reasons Why, from producer Selena Gomez, writer Brian Yorkey, director Tom McCarthy, Anonymous Content and Paramount TV. Additionally, d’Arcy James has been cast in a recurring role in CivilTNT’s modern-day Civil War pilot.

Yorkey (Pulitzer Prize-winning lyricist of the musical Next To Normal)created and wrote the TV series adaptation of the 2007 New York Times bestselling YA book by Jay Asher, which follows a boy named Clay (Minnette) through an emotional night when he receives a shoe box of cassette tapes from his late classmate and crush Hannah (Langford), following her recent suicide. On the tapes, which are mailed with instructions to pass along from one student to another, Hannah explains to 12 peers how they each played a role in her death, by giving 13 reasons explaining why she took her life.

D’Arcy James will play Hannah’s father, a pharmacist and small-business owner who deals with his daughter’s death by throwing himself into his work and trying to keep his store alive in the face of competition all while dealing with he and his wife’s over the loss of their daughter.

13 Reasons Why reunites d’Arcy James with Anonymous Content’s Michael Sugar and Steve Golin as well as director McCarthy, who cast him in the 2016 Oscar-winning film Spotlight.

Written and executive produced by Scott Smith and directed by Allen Coulter, Civil treads ominously close to current events. It takes place in the wake of a hotly contested Presidential election, as America finds itself plunging uncontrollably into a modern day Civil War.

D’Arcy James will play Graham Beller, a very capable, reasonable but long-suffering news producer and sometimes wrangler. Beller is constantly toeing the line between support and tough love for his anchor.

D’Arcy James also is shooting the Watergate thriller Felt and co-stars in Danny Strong’s upcoming J.D. Salinger film Rebel in the Rye and Theresa Rebeck’s indie Trouble. He is repped by Gersh and Thruline.

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