First Lady, Oprah Discuss “Swagalicious”-ness Of President Obama At White House United State Of Women Summit


Oprah Winfrey interviewed the First Lady of the United States this afternoon, during which she, Oprah, confessed to having days when she thinks its just “cool to be me.”

She wondered if Obama had days like that too.

“I think that too some days: It’s just cool to be Oprah,” Obama said, taking Oprah’s cue.

When not marveling at the fabulousness that is Oprah’s life, Michelle Obama confessed, when she had Prince and Stevie Wonder sing in the East Room of the White House, or when she and her daughters sat with Pope Francis, or when she had dinner with the Queen of England. she thought to herself,  “M!M!M!

Also, “Watching my husband walk off Marine One and go into the Oval Office it’s ‘M!M!M! And you know, he’s got that walk, right?”

“He’s got the swag,” Oprah agreed. “Did he always have that swag, or has he gotten swaggier?” Oprah said, still talking about the leader of the free world.

“He’s gotten very swagalicious,” The First Lady confided to 5,000 mostly-but-not-entirely women in the hall, and many more via livestream.

Oprah noted that, though they were chatting at the White House United State of Women Summit, there were “a lot of cool men out there” and wondered what Michelle Obama wanted to tell them about how they could help women.

“Be better,” Obama said bluntly.

“Be better. At everything.”

“Be better fathers. Love your daughters and provide a solid example of what it means to be a good man in the world.”

“Be engaged. Don’t think that just going to work and coming home makes you a man.”

“Be a better employer. Do you see only a bunch of men around you at the golf course, and you’re okay with that? Be better.”

“Just be better. I could go on and on, but I won’t. You got the point?”

Oprah wondered, “What is the one thing you really want to do” when you leave the White House, adding, “and can we go shopping?”

“I want to drop in to Target,” Michelle Obama said. “I do! I want to go to Target again. I’ve heard so many things have changed. What do you do at CVS when you check out?”

The First Lady also longs for the day when she can open the front door of her house “without discussing it with anyone” and walk out the door. She’d also like to open a window in her house. “Sasha opened her window once [in the White House]  and there were calls. It never opened again.

“It’s the little things you miss.”

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