‘Idiotsitter’ Creators-Stars Jillian Bell And Charlotte Newhouse Tease Season 2: “We’re Going To College!” – Emmys


Prior to the Awardsline Emmy screening of Idiotsitter last night, the Comedy Central series received a 10-episode season 2 pick-up.

“We wrote today. Today was our first writing day (on Season 2),” co-creator and star Jillian Bell told Deadline’s Dominic Patten.

“We thought today,” co-creator/star Charlotte Newhouse clarified.

While much of season 2 has yet to be hammered out, the duo are certain about taking Idiotsitter into a new environment next season. Speaking in sync—in fits and starts—the pair declared, “We’re. Going. To. College!” Though Bell and Newhouse may have had ideas for Season 1 that didn’t make the cut, those won’t flow into Season 2. Newhouse’s Billie takes on the role of assistant professor and Bell’s Gene hits the books. Just what kind of college Gene is attending is, for now, TBD.

The duo’s time in the writers’ room during season 2 will be more compressed. “Because we feel so confident,” Bell joked. “No, we don’t feel more confident. We just have less weeks, I think.” Even as the time frame changes, the process remains refreshingly free-form. “We did zero-point-zero-zero research,” Bell said about Season 1. “We used our brains. We googled ‘house arrest.’”

What Bell and Newhouse enjoy about their characters—and what they will continue to pursue next season—is a sort of odd couple dynamic, with each character’s flaws complementing those of the other’s, and a unique friendship emerging from a forced relationship.

“I think what one lacks, the other one has,” Newhouse explained. “Like, Billie lacks any sort of social skills, and any sort of worldly experience, which (Gene) has, and (Gene) lacks any sort of responsibility—how to be an adult—which Billie has. That complementariness kind of comes out when they’re fighting.”

idiotsitter funeral

The episode “Funeral” screened last night in which Gene is released temporarily from house arrest to attend the funeral of her beloved friend Chet. Bearing a paralyzing fear of funerals after a traumatic childhood incident, Billie copes with the event by getting as drunk as possible, leaving the childish adult on house arrest to care for her caretaker.

“We always love the episodes where my character was a little bit in charge of (Billie),” Bell said. “It’s interesting to see the characters swap a little.” Newhouse agreed: “Funeral” is her favorite episode of the season.

Looking back on the origins of Idiotsitter—which began as a web series, produced by Comedy Central’s CC Studios—the creative duo remain in a state of disbelief that the series made the leap to cable television. “We were very shocked when it happened. And then we jumped into a pool with all our clothes on,” Bell remembered.

“And it’s the first thing we wrote together that wasn’t a Groundlings sketch, so that was nice,” Newhouse said.

Though skeptical of their chances to make this transition, Bell and Newhouse conceived of the series with that goal in mind, landing on the concept of “house arrest” as a way to limit the show to one location, keeping the budget down so as to encourage that possibility.

“Isn’t that the sexiest answer?” Bell laughed. “We’re like, ‘What’s cheapest?'”

She promises new episodes of Idiotsitter to start up at “the beginning of next year-ish.”

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