‘Angie Tribeca’ Emmys Consideration Clip: Parody Cop Procedural Gets Drenched In Gravitas

Fortunately for those of you who didn’t watch TBSAngie Tribeca, the show was renewed for a second season quickly after itĀ first debuted on January 17, which means plenty of time to play catch up. The deadpan parody of cop procedurals stars Rashida Jones as gritty LAPD detective Angie Tribeca, a grab bag of dysfunctional fictional cop personality quirks, like a dead lover she till mourns, an unwillingness to work with a partner, loose canon tendencies, etc. Mining nearly every cop show trope you can think of for comedy, it’s essentially Police Squad! filtered through Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.

Naturally, the people who make the show would love to see it nominated for an Emmy, and to make the case Rashida Jones taped this spot explaining what the show is, and why it matters. In keeping with the show’s tone, Jones lays the gravitas on thick, talking it up as though it were The Wire, before declaring that it’s so Emmy-worthy, it deserves whatever is higher than an Emmy. Watch the clip above, and if you haven’t checked out the show, by all means get on that. Angie Tribeca‘s second season began June 6.

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