‘Jane the Virgin’ Creator Teases New Job For Rogelio, ‘The Passions Of Santos’ Remake in Season 3 – ATX TV Festival

By Nellie Andreeva, Amanda N'Duka

the CW

Jane the Virgin ended its second season in May with a string of cliffhangers. In an interview following an Escapism-themed panel at the ATX TV Fest, series creator/showrunner Jennie Snyder Urman would not divulge how they will play out in order not to spoil them for the fans but she dropped one clue about Season 3 involving the fan favorite character of Jane’s father, the adoringly vain telenovela star Rogelio, played by Jaime Camil.

“One thing I’m excited to do this year is that at a certain point Rogelio’s telenovela will end and they will be trying to adapt The Passions Of Santos into an American show called The Passions Of Steve and Rogelio is going to be fighting for his part in it,” Snyder Urman told Deadline. “That’s a storyline I’m really excited to get into, talk about the crossover and what does that mean.”

Snyder Urman also touched on Rogelio and The Passions of Santos during the panel as it related to the theme of using escapism to convey serious matters.

“When you have a character like Rogelio, a lot of his journey is about escapism,” she said. “If I want to make any statement I can put it into his time-travel telenovela where he’s inspiring the women’s suffrage in a sexy way and I can give a little bit of ‘this silly right’… it’s that combination of where nobody will want to hear me sitting an talking about what progress we still need in the women’s movement but I can do it through Rogelio and you guys can laugh.”

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