‘The Man In The High Castle’ Cast On Their Show As A Cautionary Tale – Emmys


The cast of Amazon’s The Man In the High Castle drama series gathered at the Awardsline Emmy screening of the pilot earlier this week and analyzed the moral takeaways from the small-screen adaptation of Philip K. Dick’s novel. Set in 1962, Man In The High Castle dramatizes a world where the Axis powers have won World War II and have divided and conquered the U.S. with the Japanese ruling the west and the Third Reich the east. There’s also a mysterious territory that lies in middle America.

In the current political climate, when presidential candidates can assert that they’re doing good despite their prejudices, Man In The High Castle offers some telltale signs. Says Rufus Sewell, who plays notorious Nazi Obergruppenfuhrer John Smith, “It’s certainly not trumpeting something to be desired, in fact I think the effort, if told properly, which is what we’re trying to do, is to point out how in danger we are of making the same mistakes again.”

Adds Alexa Davalos, who plays a Japanese sympathizer-turned-spy on the Frank Spotnitz series: “This element of Fascism, this show is very timely. It’s very present, even though it’s another time. We’re living in a world today where this is not an unknown territory; living under certain regimes, these genocides and their prejudices.”

The first 10 episodes of Man In The High Castle are available on Amazon Prime. The show became the most streamed series on the Amazon network, and was renewed for a second season in December.

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